Giuseppe Insana

giuseppe_insana_pictureDr Giuseppe Insana started writing by the age of 4, studying his first foreign language at the age of 6, programming at the age of 8… and since then he never ceased learning new things, setting new challenges, probing new concepts, designing, creating, constantly evolving and re-inventing himself. He follows a multi-threaded path which has lead him across biology and music, computer science and photography, linguistics and graphic design, poetry and philosophy, teaching and management, heraldry and cryptography, game design and economics. He holds academic degrees in three different fields and has delved extensively in several others. He did research and consulting in bioinformatics, founded a cooperative internet project aimed at inter-linguistic communication, taught Master’s degree courses in English and Chinese, opened and managed two successful restaurants in the southernmost city of China and is presently a certified business consultant by day and a game designer by night. He lives in Italy, with his extremely talented wife and their three very energetic children.

Stefano Tamascelli

stefano_tamascelli_pictureStefano Tamascelli was born in Italy.  He began programming very early in his life, first on C64, and later Amiga and MS-DOS. After attaining a masters degree in computer science, he specialized in artificial intelligence and toward the end of the 90s founded XTeam Software Solutions, focusing its activity on both entertainment and professional software. Over the next 20 years, he participated in the development of over 100 videogames for console, mobile, and desktop. He has also been involved in projects such as simulation systems for card games and boardgames, software for architectural and engineering design, visualization of CAD projects, and structural and materials’ efficiency simulations.

He programs predominantly in C/C++ with the primary objectives of maximizing stability and efficiency of the products as well as long-term software maintenance. Lately he has been collaborating with several universities on the development of “serious games”: software designed to help the re-habilitation of patients affected by degenerative illnesses or hearing loss, applying techniques of gamification and AI.

He lives in Rovigo, Italy, and in his spare time plays football, practices kung fu, tai chi, and also continues to improve his knowledge and awareness of new technologies and game development.

Karin Wittig

karen_wittig_pictureKarin Wittig is a freelance artist from Germany. She has always liked art, and started drawing from the moment she could hold a pencil. Looking for a creative career path, she later studied graphic design and graduated in 2006. Still passionate about drawing and painting, she continued improving her skills and started working as a freelance artist. In her freetime, Karin likes playing video games, board games, and pen-and-paper RPGs. This is what she most enjoys creating art for, although she also likes branching out in other directions. She usually paints in Photoshop with a digital graphics tablet.

Andrea Giachini

Andrea Giachini is an Italian composer born in Italy, in November 1988.
When he turned 13, he started to study piano at a private school in his
city. His passion for music, video games and film, pushed him to find a way to
combine all these passions, and so he started to compose music for iOS
and Android video games, OUYA consoles, trailers and short films.
By now, Andrea has composed hundreds of tracks that led him to cooperate
with Xteam Software Solutions.

Martina Dacome

Martina Dacome is an aspiring Italian comic artist, illustrator and concept designer. Born in 1991, she graduates from High School with a Diploma in Foreign Languages and decides to abandon that path to dedicate herself to her true passion: drawing. She attends the “Scuola Internazionale di Comics” in Padua, where she spends three years improving her skills and learning the process of communicating through images. She founds, together with her fellow comic artists school friends, the self published group “Dice Productions” and begins producing their first digital fanzine called “Fabulae”. She collaborates with the Xteam Software Solutions studio as a freelance artist in the Retaliation project.