Release Events

In honour of the release we’ll be showcasing the expansion throughout the dark and gloomy December month with plenty of live shows, interviews, streamed matches and many more. Every week we’ll unlock the information for the next event so you’ll know what, when and where to tune into! If you’re unable to attend the live stream, you can always watch the recaps of the previous events. So stay tuned!

  • 01 December 19:00 GMT: live show highlighting the new graphics. Interview with the artists.

    Featuring Yan, Richard and ZeroEmpires


  • 02 December 19:00 GMT: live show highlighting the new AIs. Showcasing matches and challenging a pro player.

    Featuring Cysion, ZeroEmpires and Okami.


  • 06 December: Sam “Caelir” Geens, the campaign manager and leading historian of AoFE talks about the campaign aspects of the expansion.

    Check the article out here.

  • 07 December 19:00 GMT: TheViper vs JorDan_23, Best of 11, part 1.

    Featuring TheViper, JorDan_23, Cysion and The_Prophet


  • 08 December 13:00 GMT: TheViper vs JorDan_23, Best of 11, part 2.

    Featuring TheViper, JorDan_23, ZeroEmpires, Cysion and The_Prophet


  • 08 December 19:00 GMT: Campaign preview & showcase.

    Featuring CarolKarine and ZeroEmpires


  • 09 December 19:00 GMT: Campaign preview & showcase.

    Featuring CarolKarine and ZeroEmpires


No official events have been planned for this weekend. All available time will go to wrapping up the game! πŸ˜€

  • louis12345

    release 25/12? lol

    • lol, for Xmas. Awww

    • anitzen

      it’s stated now?

      • redmenace13

        they are going to release it next friday
        to cysion: why that specific time? is that like midnight in your timezone? in america that is like 9 o clock pm
        i still am dying to know: where will we play it online?

        • danielpereira

          I’m not Cysion, but, from the information I gathered, you’ll be able to play it in GameRanger and LAN.
          So, probably, therefore, yuo’ll be able to play via Direct IP or Hamachi, although, those last two weren’t mentioned officially or unofficially.

        • hanzo

          It is 8 o’clock PM in GMT +1 (if i’m imformed correctly that is cysions timezone) so it is not a very special time. I tink it is not 9 o’clock in america.

  • kingempire


  • Jaydev

    Please include some tech-tree info in the next video.Also about the new naval unit and the changes made in the old civs.BTW,the Slavic castle and monastry rocks!Thanks and good luck guys.

  • Oh, is it my imagination or you eliminated the helixes of the East European mill?

    • JaCoronel1

      I guess too many mills of the games building sets had the same helixes, but I like the new wooden water wheel design of the east european mill, it looks similar to the east asian design.

    • LmScar12

      That’s just a bug from the pussy wood patch, a patch to make the trees smaller for better micro.

  • Jaydev

    Who vs who best of what?

  • Alexoro


    Just kidding. Can’t wait!

  • ugwars

    is this game free real or hacked??

  • wachiman1

    Better make the relΓ©ase date after December 21, dont forget The End of the World, πŸ™‚

    • Censored


      • redmenace13

        im still here

  • Joap

    What’s up with the trade workshops ? You made them for all civs, but no use for them ? Just a scenario eyecandy or could you give them a reason to be built ? πŸ™‚

    • JaCoronel1

      Maybe they could be used to buy sheep, generate gold like relics, or be used as trade buildings like Markets(or maybe a combination of all 3).

      • Jaydev

        Maybe a map or game mode to control pre-built trade workshops like aoe3.Or build trade workshops near a resource and drop it off there where it is automatically sold for the resource you choose.

      • Joap

        weren’t they intended to generate gold, before they scrapped the idea while making the game ? but buying sheep and/or turkeys would be awesome πŸ˜›

        • They were intended to be an economy building which generates gold, and those buildings are shown surrounded by gold, so it’d be good if now they work that way. But if they can’t do that, the idea of creating sheeps (and turkeys) will be good πŸ˜‰

  • ElMorado

    Please don’t change the trees!! It looks bad

    • ihavebanana9

      they didn’t change the trees, its a mod called “pussywood” for better micro management.