Release Events

In honour of the release we’ll be showcasing the expansion throughout the dark and gloomy December month with plenty of live shows, interviews, streamed matches and many more. Every week we’ll unlock the information for the next event so you’ll know what, when and where to tune into! If you’re unable to attend the live stream, you can always watch the recaps of the previous events. So stay tuned!

  • 01 December 19:00 GMT: live show highlighting the new graphics. Interview with the artists.

    Featuring Yan, Richard and ZeroEmpires


  • 02 December 19:00 GMT: live show highlighting the new AIs. Showcasing matches and challenging a pro player.

    Featuring Cysion, ZeroEmpires and Okami.


  • 06 December: Sam “Caelir” Geens, the campaign manager and leading historian of AoFE talks about the campaign aspects of the expansion.

    Check the article out here.

  • 07 December 19:00 GMT: TheViper vs JorDan_23, Best of 11, part 1.

    Featuring TheViper, JorDan_23, Cysion and The_Prophet


  • 08 December 13:00 GMT: TheViper vs JorDan_23, Best of 11, part 2.

    Featuring TheViper, JorDan_23, ZeroEmpires, Cysion and The_Prophet


  • 08 December 19:00 GMT: Campaign preview & showcase.

    Featuring CarolKarine and ZeroEmpires


  • 09 December 19:00 GMT: Campaign preview & showcase.

    Featuring CarolKarine and ZeroEmpires


No official events have been planned for this weekend. All available time will go to wrapping up the game! 😀

  • ChimpanZee

    What a crap release date!
    Everybody knows that you start pre-boosing the 28 december!
    Now I will not be able to play AOFE the 2de of Januari…
    To bad, if you please release a bit sooner…

    • redmenace13

      like today!

  • Release day at last!
    I hope you are ready for a very hard day due to large number of users who will want to download the expansion.
    Perhaps you should also use an “official” torrent file.
    That way the demand will split to users also and not only in the site side
    I hope everything will go smoothly that day and we all get fast a copy of FE
    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • badblueboy

    Release date of awesome add on of my favorite game for the past 12 years coincides with my birthday…Well guys, thank you for the best birthday gift!! 🙂 (oh, and since I’m from Croatia, I can now enjoy playing as Slavs…I’m delighted!)

    • DeadMusic

      Fellow Yugoslav here. I know that feel bro.

    • luci199

      im from croatia as well

  • kingempire

    the release date is on my birthday thank you for the awesome present, thank you guys

  • flance

    Dear Cysion.

    Month ago I’ve been accident deleted aoe2 directory. And can’t reinstall it (message – aoe2 already installed)
    Now I play “aoe2 portable version”

    Your mod cant’t be installed on that version! What can I do? Could you create portable version of your game? 🙂

    Sorry for my English. I hope you help me)

    • John_the_Late

      Uninstall the game. There may be nothing left to be deleted, but you registry entry will be changed nonetheless, so you can just reinstall it afterwards.

      • flance

        I can’t!
        I deleted the folder and uninstall.log file was in there also.
        Can you upload somewhere your uninstall.log (in your aoe2conquerors directory)?
        Then I’ll can uninstall game!
        Please! 🙂

        I’m Russian and I want play for slavs so much! 🙂


  • Panzerkumar

    There seems to be no campaign as i had been repeatedly complaining on both FB page and here on the website itself. There is just single game, where can we find and download these campaigns(posted in videos above).. Pls answer us …

  • Tpojat


  • ciao a tutti………mi chiedevo……… una partita quando la facciamo?????

    • Promiskuitiv

      Google translate wasn’t very useful there, could you translate your comment to english?

      • Reganknight01

        He said: Hi all … … … I was wondering … … … … but a lot when we do?????

        Doesn’t make any sense.

  • Barbarossa75

    hey can anyone help me !!!! I did install AoFE and it works but it is not showing the forgotten campaings it’s display starts when I click Single Player it only shows The Age of Kings & the Conquerors campaings….. what the hell I should do???? I am crazy about this please help ………………………………………………………………..?