After the huge success of Nili’s Apartment Cup 2 in early February of this year, Microsoft have announced that they will be sponsoring the tournament once again. NAC will be returning for its third edition this coming January and will be the first major tournament played on Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Microsoft have offered up a huge prize pool of $20,000 USD along with a full LAN tournament experience for the players in Hamburg, Germany. The tournament will be broadcast live in its entirety with a professional Age of Empires casting team and live viewing option in Hamburg, should you wish to watch the finals with other Age of Empires fans. Current casting team includes; T90Official, Dave, BBQTurkman and OrnLu.

Of the eight players who will be participating in this tournament, seven have already received their invitations, with the eighth and final place open for qualifiers.

Players invited include; fan favorite and leader of Team Secret, TheViper; Age of Empires: II legend DauT; and one of the most talented young players the active Age of Empires: II scene has created, Liereyy. Also confirmed are TaToH, TheMax, Mr_Yo and Vivi.

With the extremely high caliber of the players attending, the tournament has been met with wild success, offering a unique and fun atmosphere in which players have a chance to interact with fans and one another.

The Age of Empires community can expect an exciting battle for the title of first Age of Empire II: Definitive Edition Tournament champion. Everything will be taking place at between the 4th and 12th of January.

Qualifiers are starting this week!