Current version: 2.2

Available through the Launcher

Make sure to download the latest installer for the 1000 pop limit!

Changelog for 2.2:

  • 60 FPS in Single Player (AoC has 20 FPS)
  • Maximum Age option
  • Huns get stone walls back
  • Hunting dogs removed
  • Slinger reduced attack vs siege (bug)
  • Restore Elite Plumed Archer range
  • Indians Villager bonus: 5% 10% 15% 20% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Eagle Warrior upgrade cost reduced to 300 food, 200 gold
  • Inca buildings cost -15% stone
  • Obsidian Arrows and Inquisition fixed
  • Different graphics for Eagle Scout/Warrior/Elite
  • New graphics for Magyar Huszar
  • Cows!
  • Loads of AI fixes
  • Various bugfixes

Changelog for 2.1:

  • Villagers not listed in the tech tree
  • Bombard towers crossed out in the tech tree until they’re researched
  • Crashing problems in certain circumstances
  • Boyars (non elite) should have -1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant archers -1 pierce armor
  • Boyars upgrade cost not mentioned in tech tree
  • Version number properly shown in the lobby

Changelog for 2.0:

Changelog at, report new bugs here.

  • Sultans makes villagers +110% faster instead of +10%
  • A few Win 7/8 issues and the inability to play on “lol-installations”
  • Double hunting dogs for Mongols (2nd one is a nerf for the first tech and slows your villagers down again)
  • Inca voices either too loud or inaudible.
  • “Turn Statistics off” is shown instead of the upgrade costs for Genoese xbow and Ele archer
  • AI bugs and superfluous chatting from certain AIs
  • Palisade gate in tech tree
  • Stable is still shown in Inca tech tree, Stone wall in Hunnic tech tree.
  • Faster startup times due to automatic portforwarding
  • Volume issues (volume will be linked to system volume again, only affects Win XP and earlier)
  • Go-to TC not focussing on the TC on “hill start maps” (Hill Fort, Acropolis, Golden Pit)
  • Indian move/attack voices mixed up
  • Tlatoani doesn’t work
  • Japanese bombard towers can fire 3 bullets
  • Rain unit can be attacked by villagers
  • Halbs +2 damage vs Cavalry (was mistakenly changed)
  • Conquistadors affected by Turkish team bonus
  • Treb LOS bug
  • Boyars make no sound when dying
  • Some teambonuses cut off on tech tree on 800*600 resolution
  • Elite Magyar Huszar tech not in the trigger list
  • Yasama does not affect towers that have been built before keep/guard tower is being researched and the upgrade is done before the tower is up
  • Viking team bonus not edited in the tech tree (15% cheaper docks instead of 25%)
  • Elite Throwing axeman cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Elite Kamayuk upgrade cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Mesoamerican gates have flying flags
  • Gillnets +15% in the tech tree, but +25% in the data.
  • Gates are not affected by Inca bonus (-20% stone)
  • Indian trade workshop should look middle eastern, not far eastern
  • Orthodoxy doesn’t apply to Monks with Relics
  • Aztec +15% military training speed bonus doesn’t apply to trebuchets.
  • Turkish tec Bombard Tower costs 400w. It should be 200w according to civ bonus(50% off)
  • Italian Gillnets costs 50f 50w. It should be 75f 100w according to civ bonus(dock tec 50% off)
  • Palisade gates not affected by Mayan teambonus

Random Maps:

  • Black Forest: Old map returning
  • Highland: sometimes has no shallows
  • Regicide mode doesn’t work on Golden Pit, Hideout, Hill Fort and Steppe


Balance issues will be looked into after thorough discussion & testing, things that are under heavy consideration:
(Elite) Unit means the change applies to both the base and the elite unit.

  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -1 attack
  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -2 bonus attack vs Siege
  • (Elite) Kamayuks -0.05 speed (slightly slower than most UU, slightly faster than champs)
  • Elephant Archers -50 HP
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +0.1 speed
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers -2 bonus attack vs buildings
  • Elite Plumed Archers -1 range (like other UU archers)
  • Indians Villager bonus: 10% 15% 20% 25% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Indians receive Faith
  • Indians receive Heated Shot
  • Indians lose Treadmill Crane
  • Indians Fishermen bonus reduced to +15% and +15 carry capacity (from 25% / +25)
  • Indians team bonus changed (+5 attack vs. buildings instead of +1 armor)
  • Slavs lose Bracer
  • Slavs receive Plate Mail Armor
  • Slavs receive Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Yasama extra arrows -1
  • Berserkergang cost 850 food, 400 gold (from 500 food, 850 gold)
  • Ironclad -1 extra armor

Will be adjusted:

  • Incas receive banking
  • Elite Boyars 14 base attack instead of 16 (it was meant & tested like this)


  • Real world maps added as templates for scenario designers
  • 1000 pop optional
  • kerberos

    This patch also has few problems. Saved games at older version doesn’t open this version and recordings, too.
    By the way, could you guys add player name strings for standard AI and eagle scout make available in feudal age?

    • StepS

      this was done intentionally, to prevent broken games from opening

  • KaiserWilhelmII

    You should let a tech for pikemen/halbadiers or so having +1 range. Make them cost a few gold or something or a new type of pikemen. Like a Swiss Pikemen or so.

    The offset perhaps is that they are weak by themselves, however, just like in history, they should be good in groups. The first rank being supported by the 2nd rank. It would add a nice addition I think to the game.

  • Sir_Aggelos

    I like the alarich could check this link too there are tons of campaigns you could add.I also thing the aok campaigns should be edited to have more population(pop 75) and the improved ai

  • Emperor

    New civilizations (Indians, Slavs, Magyars, Incas, Italians) aren’t that good at Standard AI. Computer (I mean Standard AI) doesn’t produce army (for example: Italians produce only pikemans) so I defeat them in 5min (level hardest).

    • II2N

      Good catch; the AoC standard AI wasn’t updated properly by some reason so it couldn’t use the new civs well.

      • Emperor

        Will it be fixed in the next patch?

        • If you hit the “Reinstall” button, it will fix itself đŸ™‚

          • Emperor

            Thank you!

  • EstebanJerez

    Hey guys, i like this patch great job, but just one thing that i dont like, the elite plumed archer 4 of range, he should have 5 range like before. this is a small thing but this change became to the plumed archer more weak.

    Please, put 5 range again, this warrior was my favorite.

    • Jaydev

      They weakened the plumed archer because the Mayans were overpowered.They could build up a castle and spam plummies and nothing could simply deal with their numbers and strength.They were made slightly more expensive and the range was reduced to make them balanced.This way,they are a little easier to counter.

  • AOE3

    Well, Indian villager’s voices are still messed up but still great job.

    • Yan

      What you mean messed up? Can you give full feedback, which one need to be switched?

      • AOE3

        I mean their attack/move voices are still messed up.

        • Yan

          So what exactly has to be switched(spell it here), are the right ones included in AoFE allready? Are you native indian speaker, could you tell me what the wrong ones mean?

          • AOE3

            ‘hamla’ means ‘attack’ so to must be moved to attack voices.
            And when you order your male villager to gather from a sheep or on a bush he says ‘khurathun dane wala’ which make no sense it must be ‘khurak dhundne wala’ (female villager spells it correct) which means ‘food finder’ and when you order your male villager to gather from trees he say ‘lakagara’ which make no sense it must be ‘lakad hara’ (again female villager spells it correct) which means lumberjack.
            Yes, I’m a native Indian speaker.

  • jizzbomb

    Hi, ive noticed a pretty major bug. Some techs cannot be researched with triggers. Flectching, Redemption, Block Printing are the ones i have discovered so far.

    • jizzbomb

      Never mind, it was my fault. I had those techs disabled. Oops.

  • Sgracchioman

    The Italian version does not work, the game is in English. You can solve this problem? Thank you.

  • Luiggix3

    1) When is the next patch?

    2) For the bells still in English if the game I have it in Spanish, which is my language?

  • lean

    I dont know if you will read this but you should take into consideration that freaking bombard towers are doing like 30 damage vs siege rams when they use to be able to take them down in 2 or 3 shots depending on how upgraded they were. What can I do to resolve this? or will you put a patch soon with all major bugs?

    • Promiskuitiv

      Actually this didn’t get introduced by AoFE but by an official AoC patch.
      I think it was 1.0c (or even 1.0b).