Current version: 2.2

Available through the Launcher

Make sure to download the latest installer for the 1000 pop limit!

Changelog for 2.2:

  • 60 FPS in Single Player (AoC has 20 FPS)
  • Maximum Age option
  • Huns get stone walls back
  • Hunting dogs removed
  • Slinger reduced attack vs siege (bug)
  • Restore Elite Plumed Archer range
  • Indians Villager bonus: 5% 10% 15% 20% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Eagle Warrior upgrade cost reduced to 300 food, 200 gold
  • Inca buildings cost -15% stone
  • Obsidian Arrows and Inquisition fixed
  • Different graphics for Eagle Scout/Warrior/Elite
  • New graphics for Magyar Huszar
  • Cows!
  • Loads of AI fixes
  • Various bugfixes

Changelog for 2.1:

  • Villagers not listed in the tech tree
  • Bombard towers crossed out in the tech tree until they’re researched
  • Crashing problems in certain circumstances
  • Boyars (non elite) should have -1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant archers -1 pierce armor
  • Boyars upgrade cost not mentioned in tech tree
  • Version number properly shown in the lobby

Changelog for 2.0:

Changelog at, report new bugs here.

  • Sultans makes villagers +110% faster instead of +10%
  • A few Win 7/8 issues and the inability to play on “lol-installations”
  • Double hunting dogs for Mongols (2nd one is a nerf for the first tech and slows your villagers down again)
  • Inca voices either too loud or inaudible.
  • “Turn Statistics off” is shown instead of the upgrade costs for Genoese xbow and Ele archer
  • AI bugs and superfluous chatting from certain AIs
  • Palisade gate in tech tree
  • Stable is still shown in Inca tech tree, Stone wall in Hunnic tech tree.
  • Faster startup times due to automatic portforwarding
  • Volume issues (volume will be linked to system volume again, only affects Win XP and earlier)
  • Go-to TC not focussing on the TC on “hill start maps” (Hill Fort, Acropolis, Golden Pit)
  • Indian move/attack voices mixed up
  • Tlatoani doesn’t work
  • Japanese bombard towers can fire 3 bullets
  • Rain unit can be attacked by villagers
  • Halbs +2 damage vs Cavalry (was mistakenly changed)
  • Conquistadors affected by Turkish team bonus
  • Treb LOS bug
  • Boyars make no sound when dying
  • Some teambonuses cut off on tech tree on 800*600 resolution
  • Elite Magyar Huszar tech not in the trigger list
  • Yasama does not affect towers that have been built before keep/guard tower is being researched and the upgrade is done before the tower is up
  • Viking team bonus not edited in the tech tree (15% cheaper docks instead of 25%)
  • Elite Throwing axeman cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Elite Kamayuk upgrade cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Mesoamerican gates have flying flags
  • Gillnets +15% in the tech tree, but +25% in the data.
  • Gates are not affected by Inca bonus (-20% stone)
  • Indian trade workshop should look middle eastern, not far eastern
  • Orthodoxy doesn’t apply to Monks with Relics
  • Aztec +15% military training speed bonus doesn’t apply to trebuchets.
  • Turkish tec Bombard Tower costs 400w. It should be 200w according to civ bonus(50% off)
  • Italian Gillnets costs 50f 50w. It should be 75f 100w according to civ bonus(dock tec 50% off)
  • Palisade gates not affected by Mayan teambonus

Random Maps:

  • Black Forest: Old map returning
  • Highland: sometimes has no shallows
  • Regicide mode doesn’t work on Golden Pit, Hideout, Hill Fort and Steppe


Balance issues will be looked into after thorough discussion & testing, things that are under heavy consideration:
(Elite) Unit means the change applies to both the base and the elite unit.

  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -1 attack
  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -2 bonus attack vs Siege
  • (Elite) Kamayuks -0.05 speed (slightly slower than most UU, slightly faster than champs)
  • Elephant Archers -50 HP
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +0.1 speed
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers -2 bonus attack vs buildings
  • Elite Plumed Archers -1 range (like other UU archers)
  • Indians Villager bonus: 10% 15% 20% 25% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Indians receive Faith
  • Indians receive Heated Shot
  • Indians lose Treadmill Crane
  • Indians Fishermen bonus reduced to +15% and +15 carry capacity (from 25% / +25)
  • Indians team bonus changed (+5 attack vs. buildings instead of +1 armor)
  • Slavs lose Bracer
  • Slavs receive Plate Mail Armor
  • Slavs receive Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Yasama extra arrows -1
  • Berserkergang cost 850 food, 400 gold (from 500 food, 850 gold)
  • Ironclad -1 extra armor

Will be adjusted:

  • Incas receive banking
  • Elite Boyars 14 base attack instead of 16 (it was meant & tested like this)


  • Real world maps added as templates for scenario designers
  • 1000 pop optional
  • Kaiser_Lee

    The bonus against cavalry units from civilization incas (unit: kamayuk) and Italians (unit: Genoese crossbowmen) its not working against Byzantine (unit: Cataphracts), Cataphracts only take normal damage, i think its a bug, can you tell me if its correct or it will be fixed in later update, thanks for renewing AOE II.

    • II2N

      ECataphracts have 16 cavalry armor, which means the attack bonus of halberdiers, kamayuks, genoese crossbowmen etc. is reduced by 16. That makes Ecataphracts very durable. Plain cataphracts have 12 cavalry armor.

      • Kaiser_Lee

        Fact: halberdier with all blacksmith hit 19 to an Elite Cataphract with all blacksmith, so please first check that fact, an compare to kamayuk and genoese crossbowmen, halberdier maximun atack its 6+4 and bonus +14 of attack against calvary, so 24 attack-5armor of cataphract=19 total attack so first play it and make a comparision, the strong of cataphract is bonus against all infantry is +18 AT, Cataphracts dont have 16 of armor please check first max armor of full cataphracts is 5 of melee armor their strong point is attack with bonus against infantry and trample damage makes difficult to any infantry unit kill them, but hand canonners are special for that job, well archers, so kamayuks and genoese bonification its null so i inform to be check, because bonification works against all civs, and all calvary, U.U. calvary and calvary archers, except for Cataphract so i ask to check it

        • Kaiser_Lee

          genoese crossbowman are the best unit to kill an army of war-elephants

  • Genghis12Khan

    Hi. first I want to congradulate and thank cysion. I would also like to know why when I follow the instructions to install it doesn’t work. I also have an idea for the hunic tarkans. Nobody makes tarkans ever. Only cav archers and sometimes knights. What if Tarkans get an all around boost (plus hp attack, armor, speed, etc) and an attack bonus against villagers (in addition to buildings or instead). This would make tarkans an ideal raiding unit. They have high pierce armor so they can withstand TC and castle fire and they are mounted (so they are fast). This would change the game completely. It would also give tarkans a chance. In the time of the huns, raiders would go into villages, and KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS THEY COULD!!!!! This bonus would fit with history as well!

    • The Tarkans have already gotten upgrades aplenty. The new Unique tech for Huns, Marauders, lets them create Tarkans at stables, and non-elite Tarkans now have 10 extra HPs.

  • q347

    can record replay as fast as that of 1.0c?

  • congtusaigon

    I installed patch 1.1, but the voices of Incas disappeared, how can I solve this problem?

  • robypuma

    I installed the patch 1.1 but disappeared the Italian language, you can provide?

  • Moises_124

    i’ve installed it,but the voices of the Incas are not available.How can I solve the problem?

  • Pardinho

    I got another APPCRASH bug that hasn`t solved. It does occur to every Alienware notebook with more than 8GB of RAM. Why only alienware`s notebooks? God hate aliens that`s why. Windows report point to ntdll.dll for being bugged, but that`s not true. The ntdll.dll is working “ok”.
    To be able to play Aoc and AoFE I had to create a shortcut and add the parameters to the end of the target .exe “NoStartup Msync NOSC Mfill”. That worked perfectly till I decided to play on GameRanger. GR takes no shortcut as program, it only picks .exe files, that makes the game crash again cause of the shortcut cutting.
    I`ve seen what you`ve done there with the Xwndmode.dll option. It would be nice if I could do some renaming stuff to get a file runnig that add some parameters to the .exe file so I can play it on GR with actually people. Or even better if you add that parameters to the actual age2_x2.exe file.
    Please mail me as soon as you read this. I`m not the only one with this problem.
    [email protected]

    • whitefire671

      i have the same problem and can vouch that it is a problem amonge all alienwear computers. for some reasen we can play AoE2 fine but with the conquerors and FE it will crash because of the begining sceen.

  • Finalizer

    The “turn statistics off” bug also applies to the Elite Magyar Huszar upgrade tooltip.

  • morbo

    Is the patch also available on (for the virtualbox players among us)

  • Censored

    I cant find the mega random map, maybe its just me.