Happy 20th Birthday, Age of Empires! It’s been exactly 20 years since Ensemble Studios released the very first, original Age of Empires to the world. 1997 marked the start of a long journey that hasn’t come to an end yet.

On landmarks dates like these, it’s always nice to look back and give a sincere “Thank You” to everyone involved in the series. From the various developers that have been crafting the series to the millions of fans that have been playing the game for so long!

As for us personally from Forgotten Empires. We joined the franchise in 2013 and we’re incredibly grateful for being able to help and navigate the series to where it is today. From the various expansion packs to the upcoming Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

Want to know more about the history behind the franchise? Check out this video from last summer where a number of old and current devs talk about the series: