– A letter from the founders of Forgotten Empires

When we started Forgotten Empires 10 years ago, we were a very small group of passionate Age2 fans, working on a mod that would eventually bring 5 new civilizations to the CD version of Age of Empires II. The mod gained a lot of attention from the community and we eventually worked together with Microsoft to officially bring the mod to Steam to be part of “Age of Empires II: HD”. From this point onward, we strapped in for a crazy ride; more expansions for Age of Empires II: HD, all Age of Empires I, II & III Definitive Editions, and even more expansions to support them. And recently, supporting the release of Age of Empires IV with our partners at World’s Edge & Relic Entertainment.


All the releases Forgotten Empires has been part of over the past 10 years


Over all these years, we grew from a small group of passionate people, to a large group of passionate people. We love what we’re doing and hope to continue doing for many years to come. This is where the recent news of the acquisition of Forgotten Empires by Keywords Studios comes into play. 

Keywords Studios today announced it has acquired Forgotten Empires, a full-service game development studio headquartered in Ohio, USA. The acquisition furthers Keywords’ strategy as the ‘go to’ technical and creative services platform for the global video games industry.


Founded in 2013, Forgotten Empires specialises in the development of real time strategy games (“RTS”) including Microsoft’s classic franchise, Age of Empires. Forgotten Empires has worked on multiple games including all of the Age of Empires Definitive Editions, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition and Age of Empires IV.

As a growing company, we’ve had a lot of challenges along the way. Challenges we will continue to tackle in the future as part of the Keywords Studios group, putting the team at Forgotten Empires in a better position to create games & experiences for everyone to enjoy.

And last but not least, we are forever grateful to all the people that have helped us grow along the way. The immense support we received from Microsoft (& World’s Edge), our dev partners across all projects and of course the whole Age of Empires community, for helping us shape the past 10 years of Age of Empires goodness. We joined the work on the franchise 10 years ago and hope to be around for many more years to come. 💚


It has been a great journey working on the Age of Empires franchise for the past 10 years, with amazing dev partners & an amazing community. Hoping for many more years to come!