5 brand new civilizations
30 new technologies
9 new units
1000 population limit
11 new maps
1 new building
2 new architecture sets
20 new scenario editor objects
? new campaigns
Full unlimited resolutions (Widescreen included)

Challenging AIs
Multi Building Queue
Team Random option
Widescreen support
Windowed mode
Improved Networking
Various bugfixes

All new features thanks to UserPatch

  • FelipeVidal

    I’m really amazed with the new unit for the Magyars. It’s really cool and far better than the previous one. The same must I say about the Eagle Warrior upgrades. Both units look really close to their historical counterparts.
    ….. ….. Finally, the cow is just… amazing…

    Are you planning to add more farm animals? It also would be very good if we could create farm animals and raise them like in AOE III (maybe a faster, but more expensive way to obtain food). I recommend also to add variety to the farms (maybe corn, rice, wheat…).

    Finally, could you improve and add the Siege Tower to the Siege Workshop? It would be great if we could use it in a regular game.

    These new changes have turned the way I used to think about this mod…

  • KaiserNacho

    I have a question. How do I add a custom campaign? or how I can get a map that I created?.
    I think many maps and campaigns, and I would like to publish but not as remove.

    • Yan

      PLace them in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Games\Forgotten Empires\Scenario

  • Dinges

    just a little boring suggestion:
    there’s that rule that you can only select 40 units at a time. you can either remove this, or make an upgrade so you can select more at a time.

  • romel135

    I dont know why but I dont have the formation and position options that were on the left corner when you selected the units (in the original conquerors) I find it useful when i dont want the units to attack or something is there any way to get them there?? Thanks…

    • Reganknight01

      you might have to click those little gear type things in the corner. by where the scores are supposed to be. that hides and reveals those things.

  • kai

    how 2 beat hard green arabia??

    • Reganknight01

      A good strategy would help, and good counters to what the enemy throws at you. Like if the enemy attacks with archers you should use skirms or Calvary, and if he attacks with Calvary you should use like or halberdiers.

    • Jaydev

      Feudal before him and flush.

      • Promiskuitiv

        Sometimes AI’s feudal in 10:35 etc and flush themselves though. Can be a nice challenge.
        If you want to try that, play against Promi Mongols for example (https://www.forgottenempires.net/features/ai). If something goes wrong he might train one or even two additional dark age villagers though.
        And in the end, if the human is good, the AI can’t win in a 1on1 anyway. AI’s can’t micro very well and also have other limitations.

  • comsci24

    Hello been a while since I played AoE does these new installment have New Campaigns?

  • File071

    Hi, just wanted to know are there going to be new updates and features soon ? The game is awesome but I think it can be much better 😀 There are still some bugs left.. Like when I play with 3 computers, it lags when the battle starts.. Not every time, but still, it’s annoying! And one more thing, keep up the good work guys 😀


    the features are great!
    but please will you create more units just like chariot, and chariot archer (using legionary/centurion helmet) , i really want it, but i have try to convert it from aoe, but it has bugs like the colors, and the horse is too small.

  • KingNoosNoos


  • MorePop

    Hey Love the game and love the new stuff that have been added.

    I was wondering, your campagins are so much better then the old ones! And will you make any changes to the older campagins? Adding some stuff to it like the palaside gate and respawning resoruses? And also, one thing that has always botherde me is the pop cap in AoK campagins, damn 75…..can that be changed to 200 or at least 100?

    And last the 4 campagins in TFE are they finisht? And any news on new ones?

    Keep up the good work.