5 brand new civilizations
30 new technologies
9 new units
1000 population limit
11 new maps
1 new building
2 new architecture sets
20 new scenario editor objects
? new campaigns
Full unlimited resolutions (Widescreen included)

Challenging AIs
Multi Building Queue
Team Random option
Widescreen support
Windowed mode
Improved Networking
Various bugfixes

All new features thanks to UserPatch

  • tHe_VaGaBonD

    “UserPatch from xOmicron.com” thanx so very much.

    • Lazarus

      Thank a person named <>(person who did all/most of the coding for userpatch), and the people who tested it! 😀

  • *-*

  • q347

    Suggestions for:

    1. Balance
    Expand town center capacity from 5 to 10
    Reason: slightly decrease Huns’ advantages so that noobs can have more villagers to find sheeps without building houses.

    2. Updates
    Everyone should update their AOC to AOFE
    Reason: to let every player plays Age of Empire in the same version. Recall the problem that we had before: some people still play 1.0 and other play 1.0c, which creates gaps between those players.

    3. Bugs
    Is the relic bug fixed?

    • If u mean to say “if a boat carrying monk with relic is destroyed in mid-water where should it go ?” Then Relic bug is already fixed in 1.0c, i guess. I have tested it.

  • Herakleios

    The userpatch from xOmicron.com adds the possibility to increase the pop limit up to 1000? Why do you want to limit it to 250? Would it overcharge the game if 8000 units walk around there? Then maybe you can add the opportunity to increase it up to 1000 if you play a 1on1 so that the maximum amount of units wont cross 2000 (without goths) as if you took 8 times 250? So maybe you can give the possibility to increase it to 1000 for 2 players, to 500 for 3 and 4 players, to 250 for the rest? If that is not possible it would still be great, if the possibility to increase the limit to 1000 could remain. Maybe you can add a warning, that you do not recommend to increase it up to 1000 with 8 players.

    • But this game is not all about 1v1. It’s also about human vs AI. And AI has limitation esp. controlling such huge pop. I am sure 1v1 is more fun than AI but not everyone plays it online/LAN games so we should keep that in mind as well.

  • Jaydev

    In one the nations cup tournament vedios,I saw that the British castle age UT is royalty(castles work 25% faster).I think it would be mare historically accurate if it was called archery law.In medieval England it was mandatory for every ablebodied male above 7 years and below 60 to acquire and practice with longbow and arrows every Sunday after church.This meant the all English archers including longbowmen could be trained very quickly.This also meant they were very skilled and fired very accurately and quickly So I think it should be all footarchers trained 25% faster and I also think it should give some accuracy or rate of fire or both.

    • barneyS

      The longbows would be way too powerful if they had more accuracy…

      • Aguruchi

        Britons aren’t that popular imo.
        Gotta give ’em something. So I agree.
        Since they are an archer civ, this bonus could/should apply to all archers.

  • Jaydev

    I already commented about this on FAQ but thought writing it here would be better.Anyhow, since the Chinese are an archer civ, it would be great if their arbalests also benefit from their UT-rocketry.

  • Jaydev

    I have a few ideas about some units,civs and techs:

    Why not give the Chinese a castle age unique tech that increases the firing rate of their scorpions?They had a weapon called the nest of bees which was arrows attached to rockets and fired at the same time.

    Why not make a camel mounted archer the 2nd UU of the Saracens? It could have high resistance to cavalry and low HP which could be boosted with Zealotry.

    Is it possible to move the naval castle age UTs of the Byzantines and Koreans to the dock and give them UTs that benefit land units?(eg. Koreans could get a tech to prevent friendly units from being hurt by their onagers and Byzantines could get one to improve their siegeline since they were the ones to invent the ballista, onager and trebuchet).

    Would it be possible to create a new blacksmith tech named broadheads for civs with good archer units which would boost their attack against cavalry? This tech could represent the use of broadheaded arrows against cavalry troops in medieval Europe(eg. during the hundred years war).

    I think it would be better if the Byzantine cataphract would also inflict bonus damage against infantry sourrounding it when it attacks.This is because currently it only does 5 damage to any unit of which most easily shaken off by the trampled unit’s meele armour.

  • Perkunas

    Any word on what the new unique techs are for existing civs? As a Celt and Goth player I’m chomping at the bit. Also… Slavs look amazing.

    • I think Goths will not get a new UT since they already have 2.

      • xThomas

        Kondrikthus on the aoc forums came up with an awesome Celt UT called Clann. It’d make your units heal 2x faster in buildings, so you could send your woad raiders on a raid, garrison them in the town center to heal them up, and send them on another raid.

        See here: Kondrikthus: Celts
        Clann: Units garrisoned in buildings heal 2x faster.
        Cost: 300 Food, 150 Gold

        Why: In the Celtic culture, familial loyalty to your clan (spelled with two “N”s in Ye Olde Gaelic) was of paramount importance, and protection of the clan and its honor rose paramount above all else. I personally feel that this is a worthwhile tech to research for defensive purposes and could allow for greater tactical use of garrisoning (raiding Woads from a castle, for example), as well as allow greater resilience for Celtic players against raiding (as garrisoned Celtic villagers will regain twice more HP than vills from other civs over the course of their confinement).

        • redmenace13

          there is already herbal medicine and it heals 4x faster!
          i think the celts need a little incentive to use woad or other inf instead of seige and cav only

  • Jaydev

    I’v noticed the following on singleplayer:

    1.On some arena games a relic is inside the wall and the only way to collect it is to delete the wall.

    2.The AI’s ships somehow creep onto land and remains stuck there. Same for some land units-the somehow stand on the water and are unable to move.

    3.Villagers don’t gather from a farm even though it isn’t exhausted and when you command it to gather from the farm,the farm exhausted warning sounds.The villager does not gather from it and only gathers when the farm is deleted and replanted.

    • xThomas

      The Arena bug is something I believe could easily be remedied by moving the relic out of the wall range (If I recall my rm scripting right, in arena walls surround your tc at 20 tiles, as do relics)

      • also deer bug and boar bug should be fixed .Very often 1 player gets deer and boars inside wall but other doesn’t. However, i like this randomness a bit.

  • papermaniac

    Suggestions for Campaigns:
    Ataw Walpa Campaign (for the Incas): it could start at the begining of the Inca Civil War at the moment of the death of Wayna Qhapac and finish with the Spanis conquest.

    Ladislaus I (for the Magyars): Based on the expansion of the Kingdom of Hungary During his rule.

    • I think it should start with Pachacutec, since he expanded it and made the Kingdom of Cuzco become the Inca Empire. Maybe the 1st scenario could be similar to the 1st one of Genghis Khan, trying to unite the minor civs surrounding the kingdom. After that (maybe 1 or 2 scenarios) the next hero can be Huayna Capaq, who expanded the empire even more (so maybe they can be some mayan or aztec enemies). Finally, with Atawalpa we can face the arrival of Spanish in the last scenarios.

      I agree with the Magyards, Hungary expanded with Ladislaus. (that’s why Inca campaign should start with Pachacuti since he was the one who started it).

      • But if they stay with Atawalpa, then it should start with him as a prince commander or general under the rule of Wayna Capac, the next scenarios his internal fight with his brother Huascar, and finally, the last scenarios, the fight of him (as an inca already) against Spanish.

    • Zrut

      Great Morava as Slavic campaign? Poland-Lithuania fighting off the Teutonic Order?