I’m having installation problems with Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
What is Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
How much does it cost?
When will it be released?
What are the system requirements for Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
What platforms will the game be available on?
What are the new civilizations?
Will there be new campaigns?

I’m having installation problems with Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?

Please check out the frequent problems here.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Donations are optional.

When will it be released?

December 2012.

What are the system requirements for Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?

A Windows XP/Vista/7/8 PC with an internet connection (for future updates).

What platforms will the game be available on?

Only Windows (XP and up) will be officially supported.

What are the new civilizations?

Italians, Incas, Magyars, Slavs and Indians.

Will there be new campaigns?

Yes, more than you’d think!

  • steve88

    Hi all!

    I experienced a game crash 🙁
    May I help you sending you a Log?
    Is there one somewhere?

    Thanks a lot

  • sananahmed2

    can you guys please make a way to uninstall aofe after install.

    I mean as much as i like the new civs, there’s only 30 people in the lobby and id like to play both aoc and aofe when i want to .

    Can you make it so that the aofe is seperate somehow or you can switch between the two?

    • AoC and AoFE act completely separate. Also at this very moment about 200 people are playing AoFE at http://www.gameranger.com

    • Jaydev

      Isn’t anyone playing the new AI?Its great.Feels just like a human player.

      • thestrider99

        +easy to beat

  • DarkCharmander

    Can anyone help me with this problem?
    I have extracted the file, as said. Even followed the video.
    Any way to solve this?

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object obj_info:

    Error defining an external function.

    • Apokalypsys

      I think I know the solution. This problem comes up when you are trying to start the installer, yes? Make sure it’s located in a folder whose name doesn’t contain these letters: öüóűúőéáí. Just the English alphabet. I had this problem too since I’m hungarian but after I reinstalled the AOC to a ,,normal” folder, it worked.

  • Im not sure if you guys know about this bug but in Windows 8 when your at the lobby waiting for a game to start and you try and type something in the chat box your text disappears until you start typing again.

  • CAN_Tim

    Hey guys, I’m re-learning to play this game and was trying a couple of matches against the new AI. I played one match on Arena on Easiest and thought it was cool that the AI resigned much earlier than the old AI would. However, the next game I played on Standard the AI acted quite odd. It was a Fortress game and the AI massed an army of Galleons in the small water areas near its base and also did not resign until I defeated all of its units and military buildings. Both were RM conquest games. I recorded the second game if you want to take a look at it. I am running AoFE 2.1

  • mitrandhir

    Hi everybody ! 🙂

    I just discovered this new expansion and ofc i want to get it :p
    I successfully download and unzipped the file and when i have to “copy the installation files to my aoe II folder” there’s a problem. I actually do it but the same message goes on and on (“copy the installation files to your AOE II folder”)… Did someone have the same issue ? and fixed it ?

    Ty for your answers 🙂

    • CAN_Tim

      Make sure after you copy the AoFE_Launcher.exe to the Age of Empires II folder that you open it in there. Do not go back and open the one in your downloads.

    • CAN_Tim

      Also make sure that the age2_x1 exe is in the age2_x1 folder.

  • BlackDouglas

    Hello there, Great work on the expansion. I was just feeling the need of centurions and legionnaires as well as palisade gates for Roman campaigns. I was substituting Teutonic knights as centurions for the cape and heavy armor and (shutter) even huskarls as legionaries, because the wrong shape shield is better than none.
    The campaign uses for longer pike men had occurred to me. I also thought about the absence of barbarian melee cavalry units (besides tarkans). Condottieros, would make great crusader common infantry, reserving the distinction of the holy orders for the Teutonic Knights. I even thought of how elephant archers would be a nice touch. Meanwhile this expansion already existed. And wild camels?! Need I say more?

    Not looking for credit, just glad I wasn’t alone in thinking about and wanting another expansion, I am very pleased that someone made it reality. I thought I was the outlier, dusting off Age of Empires 2 and thinking about how this world should be built on, being somehow more interesting than aoe3s colonial era, and the- fanciful but limited-age of mythology. Perhaps Jung was right about the collective unconscious. Thank you to all who had a hand in this. You do the ancestors justice!

    What would happen if I installed the total conversion mod Age of Chivalry Hegemony on the same pc? Would this disable AoFE? Would it disable custom scenarios saved one aoe2Conquerors? Is it possible alternate playing Aoe2c, AoFE, and AoCH on the same pc without uninstalling? I appreciate any feedback.

    Side note: I will hold off downloading AOCH if it interferes with Forgotten Empires.

    Sorry to rant, Cheers!

    • Yan

      At the moment AoFE and AoCH can’t coexist in the same installation folder(they can but when you start AoFE all old civs will be AoCH’s).
      But you can make multiple AOC installations on your pc(i mean two root folders, one for AoCH and one for AoFE).

  • DocChewbacca

    Does anyone know how to play a LAN multiplayer game without using 3rd party tools that require an internet access (like Hamachi).

    When I create a LAN multiplayer game, the other computers on my LAN can’t see it.
    Anyone else experiencing this issue ?

    • PenaPP

      You have to unblock your firewall, be on the same IP subnet and in case of Windows Vista or 7 have network profile setted to Home/Work.

      • PenaPP

        *setted = set

  • CrystalXWinter

    i am wondering, where can i post my Suggestions?

  • PenaPP

    You can post them wherever you want, but you shoud use https://www.forgottenempires.net/features page 😉

    • CrystalXWinter

      Thank you =)