It has been 2 weeks this time, let’s see what happened.


Fair and square, not a lot happened sadly. The sole reason for this is that I have a full time job, and when things are busy there, it’s tough to come home and start another full time job. Sometimes a break is suitable. However, we’re still focusing to get the whole project ready within a reasonable amount of time.


The biggest achievement probably comes from you guys this week, as we’ve gotten to 10000 fans on our Facebook page.
I never expected we would reach that insane number, but we did, thank you guys! Up to our next goal, beating Age of Empires Online? 😉

Balance & Small features

Last week we asked for ideas for Unique Techs for some of the old civs. Many interesting ideas were launched, so let’s see what the current list is:

  • Byzantines UT: Greek Fire (Fire Ship Range +1)
  • Britons UT: Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage)
  • Chinese UT: Great Wall (Walls +50% HP)
  • Teutons UT: Ironclad (Siege +5 melee armor)
  • Aztecs UT: Atlatl (Skirmishers +1 attack/+1 range)
  • Korean UT: Panokseon (Turtle Boats +15% speed)
  • Vikings UT: Chieftains (Berserks +3 attack vs Cavalry)
  • Turks UT: Sipahi (Cavalry Archers +20 HP)
  • Japanese UT: Yasama (Towers shoot +5 arrows)
  • Mongol UT: Falconry (Mounted units +5 LOS)
  • Persian UT: Persepolis (Trade carts +5/+5 armor)
  • Spanish UT: Inquisition (Monks convert +20% faster)
  • Franks UT: Chivalry (Stables +50% faster)
  • Saracen UT: Madrasah (Monks that are killed return 33% of their cost)
  • Huns UT: Marauders (Enables Tarkans in the stable)
  • Mayans UT: Tlatoani (Archers, Crossbowmen, Arbalests +3 attack vs buildings)
  • Celtic UT: Stronghold (Castles and towers fire +20% faster)

As you can see, some of these techs (Persians, Mongols and maybe Saracens, Mayans and Celts) are up for improvement. The ideal Castle Age unique technology is usable in the Castle Age in a viable tactic. Remember that a castle must be built to acquire them as well! (British UT will change place with Yeomen, so the treb-tech comes in Imp where it belongs).


We’re seeing steady improvement on some of the campaigns. Virtual cities are rising in the mountainous landscapes of the Italian peninsula.

See you next week, hopefully with more progress to report!