Your weekly report on what the heck we’re doing!


As you might have noticed, an account is required to reply on this website. A tedious practice I would agree, but those accounts are not for nothing 🙂 Not only gives it an extra little protection towards spam, but also, when the game will be released, we’ll go through open beta phase first. With that we’ll open a part of the site for tracking bugs. And that will require an account. Currently we’re working on linking both parts. Oh, and the accounts will be for something else as well, but that’s for later.

YouTube Preview

I noticed that the latest preview video for AoFE dates back to February 2012, way too old and time for a new one. So geared with a brand new microphone and my best radio voice I did a game commentary for a testing game we did this week. Don’t expect top-of-the-charts micro & macro-management, but just a damn enjoyable game.

The map played was Golden Pit. A stab at Gold Rush and much more enjoyable in my humble opinion.

Balance & Small features

This must have been the first week without balance changes, I think most balance will be for the open beta. Also, there hasn’t been any news about our mini Nations Cup lately. An internal tournament we held amongst members of the Beta Team. Sadly the tournament came to an end and we won’t be seeing more games of that in the future.

Have your say: What would make an interesting team bonus for the Slavs?


More progress on the Slavic buildings by 1302. Which is also the reason they weren’t picked in the game above.


It’s moving slowly, but it’s moving nevertheless. Extra objects must be created, extra heroes must be put in and ofcourse, designing a neat scenario just takes a lot of time!


I’m very satisfied with my current webhost, but I’m well aware that it won’t be enough for when the game actually has to be downloaded & maintained. Anyone has advice on this part? (Count at least 200 GB of monthly traffic). Personal experience is always a plus 😉