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  • Addrian

    One more thing… it seems that Rams are too armored in this game. For example, in the past the bomb towers hit maximim twice a ram to destroy it. Now the bombard towers are useless, they have no advantage upon heavy rams. It’s annoying.

    • they’re supposed to be like that, you can only beat them with mangudai and melee troops

      • Bolby

        So you mean to say that a full blast of a cannon ball will just have to bounce off the ram because they are supposed to be like that? Sorry to say it, but the mangudai and melee troops things just is retarted.

        • lean

          I agree bombard towers should do as much damage as before, the main reason why i cant win vs hardest AI is because they send a marabunta of units (which I can hold) but i cant hit the siege rams and the units at the same time cos while i hit the siege rams the units kill my own units. This is why i get bombard towers into game but if they dont work my whole defensive strategy dosent work because you havent been faithfull to the AoE Conq. Also AI should sent their armies in groups not send them as soon as they are made and as many as they can this is madness and is not faithfull to AoE Conquerors either gameplay. By the way has AI got a handycap resourse bonus on higher levels? Could youput in the next patch a button to control the % and make it fairer?

          ty anyways

          • Promiskuitiv

            The AI is handicapped on the difficulty levels “Very easy” to “Normal”, has no handicap on “Hard” and slightly cheats resources (automatically) on “Hardest”.

          • georgeoc1012

            in an updated AOE the ram thing changed that is how it is suppossed to be

  • Lourens001

    It’s better this way! Makes you think around it!

  • JoeStupid

    I’m still not sure why the Britons don’t have the thumb ring. Also I think the Arbalests still fire too fast. I mean it was like 1 shot a minute back in 1400’s. I understand you can’t do that but it’s still a little to fast, atleast the longbow should be faster then the Crossbow. Other then that this is beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye

    • I thought the same. Britons are most archery and they don’t have thumb ring? wth

      • Yan

        That’s because they will be overpowered in multiplayer or pro games, you couldn’t micro them and they will outrange and kill everything when massed.

  • BlackDouglas

    Suggested units: can we have a Lancer Cavalry unit? With long spears, like the Yari cavalry in Shogun or the Rohirrim. The Spear Cav line would be lightly armored, but have a bonus against archers and other cavalry units.

    Mounted Axmen, is another possibility, mounted berserks or Teutonic knights would be great. Age of mythology had a great mounted huskarl unit, that seemed much more appropriate to Norse or Germanic civilizations. If any units were to be barrowed outright from that game let it be the mounted huskarl.

    Possible additions to the Indians civ:

    The Mughals practically invented the tank when the armored elephants and put swivel cannons on top. I know it may be hard to balance but it would be awesome to have an elephant mounted gunpowder unit, with intermediate power and shot size between that of a conquistador and bombard cannon. According to wiki Mughal Artillery, the Mughals deployed swiveling canons on camels as well. Short of that, how about a camel equivalent of the conquistador?

    Camel trade carts for appropriate civs. (Indians, Persians, Saracens, Mongols, Turks) how can Renald De Chatillon’s raid against Saracen caravans be represented without camel carts?! Camel archers anyone?

    Mounted knights templar would be a great campaign addition. The white cloak has since fallen to disrepute, but for an accurate Templar unit the cross should be the only player color.

    I appreciate the additional regional variations on the long swordsmen, the Nordic and eastern swordsmen. Something similar might be in order for the Aztecs Mayans and Incas, to me the steel sword line infantry has always been too inaccurate to reconcile, how about obsidian bladed adzes like the jaguar warriors. The slingers were a great touch.

    Speaking of pelt warriors, I would gladly see some alternate bearskin (ber)serkers and wolfskin ulfsarks. regular berserkers will represent wealthier vikings, indicating social strata. inexpensive poorly equiped units are useful fodder in any age.

    Woad Champions?

    Granted I do not what kind of effort goes into unit creation, though I sure as hell appreciate that this is still a vital community 12+ years after aok released. Thank you for all the hard work.

    • Bolby

      The problem with this game is that its to “stuffed” with units. While on one hand, having lots of units brings a touch of “adrenaline” into the gameplay, on the other hand, it makes it pretty useless. I find your idea quite interesting and nice to be seen, but (there is a but) it should be done well. Respect each civilization’s own particularities. I mean, Persian with paladins? I have read about this matter and saw that there was some kind of paladin mentioned there, but lets be serious: paladins are a “creation” of France.
      ( and other things that the rather late hour here prevents me to from posting them ).

      The one thing that I will like to see in this game is racial uniqueness. You see that every civilization has archers, melee troops, cavalry, etc etc. The only unique unit is the unique unit itself! The mod Age of Chivalry done it at a certain rate.

  • Nabucodonosor

    Since I have installed “FR” I can’t build archers or cavalry on age II (my only option is infantry… buildings for archers or cavalry not even appears as a option until age 3)… someone has any idea to fix it?! Thanks a lot… and congratulations, it is a whole new game… now I want to see it on steam’s workshop!!!

    • Jaydev

      You have to build a barracks to build an archery range or a stable.This is not a bug.

  • SilverKnight

    Well I am very happy with the game’s development and I am also a VERY BIG fan of AOK and AOC. I like to join the developer’s team and what should I do guys?
    you can contact me at [email protected]

  • jhuzeN

    Hi everyone, i’m new here so i might sound a little dumb, but, i saw ZeroEmpires video showing how to install the AoFE, but now that i downloaded the Zip file, it only contains the launcher, so i cant copy any files to mi AoC folder, and i can’t install.
    Please i’d apreciate so much if someone could help me.
    Thanks and greetings from Argentina 🙂

    • PenaPP

      Run launcher which will install the necessary files to your original installation 😉

  • georgeoc1012

    So I keep getting my but kicked in this new version, granted I am used to 200 pop limit so when I go to 300 or 400 I find that the computer works faster than me practically always, are building more town centers the key to having higher resource production? additionally are there online games to play with others?

    • Yan

      Yes, more TCs means more vills created faster and with them gathering more resources faster.
      You can play on Gameranger, there are a lot players. Check for articles and streams.

  • georgeoc1012

    Just thought I would say I like how you guys switched around the cannon galleons for the britons and Huns it never made since to me, I really like all of the different formats on the scenario creator a lot of the templates and thems that are there now I used to have to make from scratch, it seems you guys also got the computer to build a navy back in the old game they would never build a navy on water maps I made and the dragons are a nice touch lol. Just curious if you guys had any plans of implementing the use of a trade workshop I think it appeared in the atilla campaign, but was wondering if you guys had given thought to maby adding a few techs to that building and giving it a use in random map play.

  • nelsonmax

    I wonder if in the future there may be new factions, in addition to 5?

    Example: Saxon / Anglo-Saxon, Burgundy, Bavaria …. would have any chance to appear in the future?