Lead Designer & Manager: Cysion

Real name: Bert Beeckman
Function: Lead Designer & Manager
Nationality: Belgian
Birth Year: 1988
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

How did you get into the project: In August 2011 I looked into the possibilities of modifying Age of Empires II and I discovered the possibility to add new civilizations. Amazed by the possibilities I built up my modding skills up from zero to where we are now. Still learning new things every day I’m working on this project.

Interests/Hobbies: Game design, travelling, good food and a good talk with friendly people over a chilled beer.

Short Bio: Currently working at Nintendo of Europe as a game tester. I studied Computer science but I’m hunting for the more creative/practical sides of the computer based jobs, I really wouldn’t fare well in an abstract coding environment. I hope to eventually get into game design and see the world while doing so. Doesn’t sound like the most everyday combo, but sounds worth a try!

Trivia Time!

Computer game you would recommend?
The only other game that ever totally captivated me is the good old Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Know a good joke?
I have mixed race parents,
my father prefers the 100 meters
and my mother was a Pakistani

Film you’d recommend?
Into the Wild & Big Fish

Person you’d like to meet and be stuck with in the lounge of Hong Kong airport at 2am?
John Cleese would be most entertaining, if only for him to rip on me for being Belgian. Stephen Fry would be quite… as well =D