What Age of Empires II taught us about History


Aztec monks wave their skirts to convince soldiers to join their side

A civilisation that starts out with 3 male villagers can still reproduce

One line of trees will block any unit, no one was brave enough in the Middle Ages to go through a forest

When Huns build a wonder, they make a destroyed one

Chinese don’t get gunpowder units despite being the inventors of gunpowder

Spaniards can make gunpowder units on a horse, but they need a technology to get them off that horse

If an old man talks gibberish to you, you betray your friends, family and country and join the enemy side

Helpless villagers who see knights storming into their peaceful town can quickly pull out a few palisades out of their pockets to protect themselves

One single Longbowman can tear down a castle. He just needs to take 5000 arrows out of his magical backpack

Those Frankish Axemen never figured out how to cut down a tree

Fat kings run faster than trained cavalry

If you’re hurt in battle, ask a guy to swing his wand at you and you’re cured within seconds

Trading in the Middle Ages meant: load your cart with gold and give nothing in return

You need wood to build a farm, no seeds and water

You can ram crops and put them on fire