Cheat Codes


Original art by sketch52000

Age of Empires II comes with some classic cheat codes that are ingrained in our common memory. But how do you turn them on?







robin hood 10000 gold
cheese steak jimmy’s 10000 food
lumberjack 10000 wood
rock on 10000 stone
rowshep 100000 of every resource
ninjalui 100000 of every resource
ninjaconnor 100000 of every resource
  • The “cheese steak jimmy’s” cheat is aptly named after a restaurant near Ensemble Studios where the crew used to go for lunch a lot.
  • The super-cheats are even more obscure and are all named after babies that were born during the development of Age of Empires II: The Forgotten.



Probably the most fun cheats to play around with

how do you turn this on Cobra Car
to smithereens Saboteur
furious the monkey boy Furious the Monkey Boy
i love the monkey head VDML
i don’t exist Penguin
alpaca simulator Alfred the Alpaca
  • Alfred  the Alpaca and the Penguin are only available in The Forgotten.


aegis Instant building
natural wonders Control nature
marco Reveal the map
polo Remove the Fog of War
i r winner Win the game
torpedo# Destroys player #
woof woof Turns hawks into flying dogs
wimpywimpywimpy Destroy yourself
black death Destroy all opponents