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Welcome to the AoE2 Strategy Center! This page is still work in progress with dozens of articles pending, but you can take a look at the finished articles πŸ™‚


Resource Gathering
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Blacksmith II ~ Units


AoE2 Glossary
“What do all those abbreviations mean?”
How do you counter Longbowmen?
How do you counter War Elephants?


Feudal Rushing


Lanchester’s Laws
Sun Tzu




What Age of Empires II taught us about History
Awkward Zombie
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Cheat Codes
Age of Music
Age of Music


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  • Raul Cuevas

    Wow! This is an awesome corner of the page.

    • Still very much work in progress, hence it’s still a bit hidden πŸ™‚

      • Trevor nunn

        you gonna work on this page more. its been abandoned for two years as far as i can see.

    • Piotr Sagalara

      I agree…simply the best. Everyone can learn something.

  • Satyaki sil

    When I play 1 vs 2 on single player on random maps, often I see that one enemy tends to advance through the ages rapidly while the other makes a huge army for an enormous onslaught. When I focus on economy, I advance to the Imperial Age but soon I get defeated by the second enemy, whereas on focusing on military, I manage (sometimes reasonably while at other times, barely) to deal with the attacks of the second player but at that time the first player builds a Wonder and wins. What should I do?

  • Guides on countering Persian War Elephants and Teutonic Knights would be great. πŸ™‚
    Any plans on doing some? πŸ™‚

  • Pyro Gear

    So, is this the new AoCBox?

    • Slowly but steadily I hope I can move the content over yes πŸ™‚

  • TadeΓ‘Ε‘ Beran

    How do you counter hordes of halbardiers? Probably you know it: infinite “river” of halbardiers produced parallely in 40 barracks…

  • Devang

    I was reading up on the Byzantines, the Komnenian restoration especially. Really explains a lot about the Byzantines. Their vast tech-tree is explained by them being in the middle of (West and East) Europe and the Middle East. They adopted the tactics from all of them. Their lack of Blast Furnace is due to the Empires being in shambles at the time of its fall. No Bloodlines, because they lost Anatolia to the Turks.

    Cheap trash – Conscription and the large retinues of the ruling family.

    Cataphracts and Paladins – Having both these units is explained by the Byzantines actually employing both. European knights were actually hired as mercenaries. Their shock value tactics amazed the Byzantines. They even noted French Knights were better than German ones! On the other hand, the home grown Cataphracts were slower, probably explaining their weakness to Archers. Their lamellar armour is noted to be perhaps the strongest of its time, hence their +12/+16 cavalry resistance. They also faught extremely effectively with the cavalry mace, +9/+12 infantry bonus.

    This is, if there’s a Byzantines page created soon.