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Video Games Uncovered

9/10 – The expansion truly does give you a lot to work with and presents it fantastically. The additions truly feel like an original expansion and not a modified variant of the original game. It has bulk, character and also introduces some 21st century updates. This is definitely one expansion that you must pick up if you are a true Age of Empires fan. Bring a bunch of friends along for the ride and you have yourself a truly great game that only gives you more bang for your buck.

Boss Dungeon

8/10 – Age of Empires II will always be a timeless classic, but this much appreciated expansion breathes new life into an aging game in a way that sprucing up the graphics simply couldn’t. It does all an expansion should do, adding new gameplay elements and more content.


8/10 – Who would have thought that such an old game would still get an update, but here it is.


4.5/5 – If you want to give a try, you can get this great expansion on Steam.