Language Support

At this point, Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires is available in the following languages:

To install, just unzip the files in your Age of Empires II folder, all files should be put into place automatically.

If you’re having troubles with these languages, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the correct language file from the zip files above
  2. Unzip the contents in your AoE2 folder, no need to move files around, it should put them in place automatically (it will ask to overwrite 6 files, allow this)
  3. Play the game!


  • Trần Thủy Nam

    I have a language vietnam: but why it is not work for Age Of Empire 2 hd Rise Of Rajas :)) who can help me edit this language be not :v

    • Erlon

      I was used a program “ResHacker” to edit all talks ans words in “language_x1_p1.dll” in Forgotten Empires (NOT HD) and it’s works well….

      i was do it to portuguese

  • Trần Thủy Nam

    who can help me edit it? =)) I want have language vietnam for this games :V

  • Trần Thủy Nam

    vietnamse help :))

  • Erlon

    Eu já finalizei o tradutor do forgotten empires 2012 (aquele que roda pelo gameranger) mais dublagens dos taunts!!

  • Leo Ferwer

    why the spanish translation doesn’t include the in-game messages? (“my target is player 3” and so on)

  • Miguel Plazas

    Will be avaible spanish audio for campaing?