Set sail to Venice, shed off the burden of the Barbarian invasions that have torn your beloved peninsula apart after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Take the role as general of one of the Italian republics that emerged in the chaos and reinstate the might that once shone from your lands. Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Ragusa, Amalfi or even the Papal states. The choice is yours which history to write.

Wage war on the colorful Indian subcontinent, the lands of a thousand kingdoms and sultanates. Put vast armies under your command, spiced up with Camels and Elephants to terrify the invaders of your homeland. Prosperity is hard fought, yet, your culture will stand the test of time.

The icy plains of Eastern Europe have more under their thick crust of permafrost than meets the eye. After the dissolution of the Mongolian Golden Horde and the emerging of the Khanates, the eyes of the newly formed empires set their eyes upon the west. Thundering hooves of Kievan and Moscovite cavalry, escorted by large squadrons of men at arms terrify the established kingdoms on the horizon.

Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and command the fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the Middle Ages. The old continent has never been at peace during the Middle Ages, and the Magyars, being the gateway from the Western to the Eastern world surely had their share of epic battles.

Relive the glories of the most extended medieval empire ever to have spread its influence over South America. Conquer Cuzco, lead your armies along the shores of lake Titicaca, defend your wealth and heritage from the invading Conquistadors and erect mighty structures to withstand the test of time.

  • Elocriativa

    From Europe:

    Albanians- Unique Unit: Stradiot (heavy cavalry with attack bonus against siege and archer units); Unique Technology: Heavy Hauberk; Wonder: Sheki’s Coucasian Temple; Architecture: Middle Eastern; Language: Albanian;

    Bulgars- UU: Bagathur (Heavy armoured, but cheap cavalry-archer); UT: Kipchak; W: Kazan Mausoleum; A: Slavic; L: Old Bulgarian;

    Dutch- UU: Culverin (fast and accurate artillery, good against hand-to-hand units and archers); UT: Religious Freedom; W: St. Catherine’s Cathedral; A: North European; L: Flemish;

    Finns- UU: Hakkapeliitta (light cavalry, good against siege units and buildings); UT: Finnhorse; W: Turku Cathedral; A: North European; L: Finnish;

    Lithuanians- UU: Vytis (heavy cavalry, wiith bonus against any other cavalry); UT: Commonwealth; W: Church of St. Ann; A: Slavic; L: Lithuanian;

    Portuguese- UU: Genitour (mounted skirmisher, with bonus against siege units) and Caravel (similar to a war galley, but can transport units, and moves faster); UT: Lateen Sail; W: Belém’s Tower; A: Western European; L: Galician;

    Wlachs- UU: Moldavian Knight (mounted halbeldier); UT: National Fervour; W: Poenari Castle; A: Italic; L: Romanian;

    From America:
    Zapotecs- UU: Lighting Warrior (heavy, but fast infantry); UT: Cult of The Dead; W: Monte Albán Altar; A: Amerindian; L: Zapotec;

    • Opancack

      You should read Usic’s thread.

      It’s amazing!


    UU: Camel-Archer (AP Bonus vs. Cav.)
    UT1: Damascus-Swords (+2 AP for Inf+Cav)
    UT2: Archer Armor (+1/+1)
    Bonus: Trade-Units +30% HP ; Thumb Ring free ; Archer Upgrades cost no gold
    Team Bonus: Camels creat 20% faster

    UU: African-Warrior (Cheap Unit with AP Bonus vs. Villagers and Trade-Units
    UT1: Toxic-Arrows (+2 AP for Archers and Skirms)
    UT2: Vodoo (Monks Move, Heal and Convert 20% faster)
    Bonus: Villagers Move 10% in Feudal 15% in Castle and 20% in Imp faster
    Monks cost 10% less in Feudal and 20% less in Imp
    Villagers gather Berries 30% faster
    Team Bonus: Tracking free

    UU: Polynesian Slinger (AP Bonus vs Ships and Buildings)
    UU in Dock: Canoe (Available in DarkAge carry 2 (+3 in Feudal))
    Elite-Canoe (Available in Castle: +15 Carrie and can Attack (like Tower, more Gathering Units means more AP)
    UT: ?
    Bonus: Fishing Ships work 20% faster and carry +10
    Villagers HP 10% in Feudal 20% in Castle and 30% in Imp
    Team Bonus: Ships +2 LOS

    • DecimationPro

      Africans? Slightly bunched up don’t you think?
      Nubians (camel civ), Bantu (cheap unit civ +100pop) and Egyptians (chariot civ) maybe but not just 1 generic faction.
      I want to see Swiss, Polish, proper Holy Roman Empire, Papal State (similar to Italy) and certainly want to see some North American tribes.

      • Sam Vodo

        Polish are a slavic Nation. Also, the only real civs to count as empires in north america would be the Anisazi and the Missisipains, which have a unique stone building style as recorded by the Spanish explorer who came there.

        • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

          sadly very little is known about the mississipians and anazasi aside from their settlements.

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      Polinesians should be more like this

      UU: Blowgunner ( they should have also the slinger and make the slinger a common unit for incas and maybe new civs on a new expansion, the blowgunner should have maybe the attack bonuses you say)
      Catamaran (the typical double polynesian canoe with a sail , this unit should only cost wood. be fast with long LOS, be able to gather fish at a slower rate than normal fishing ships and have an arrow attack and allows to transport 4 units but have low hitpoints)

      Team bonus: Docks allow 7 population space

      base bonuses: ships are 20% more accurate
      Thumb ring is free and available in feudal age
      fishing ships carry +15 fish and are created 10%, 15%, 20% 25% faster in dark, feudal, castle and imperial age
      Can create walls towers and houses in shallows

      UT: Polynesian navigation (Galleys , catamaran, blowgunners, and slingers have +2 range +1 attack)
      Moais ( technology inspired in Easter island. Wonders cost 15% less and are created 15% faster while also gain +20% hp, also reveal the location of all relics. in regicide instead you generate a second king in the castle you research the technology and players should kill both to defeat you)

      • TheXanian .

        As far as I’m aware, the Polynesians don’t use blowguns and slings that much, however they were really good at using javelins and war clubs. Here is what I have in mind about their unique units:

        Unique unit in castle: Ula, a throwing clubman with bonus against infantry and siege units. Ula is the name of a type of throwing club commonly used in the Fiji Islands.
        Unique unit in dock: Pahi, a fast double Polynesian canoe with two sails that launches a javelin similar to the skirmishers, with bonus against fishing boats and galleys. It’s basically a skirmisher on water.

        • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

          that sounds good, for their Wonder it should be Ahu Tongariki ( easter Island) as that is the biggest ceremonial structure in polynesia

  • Ben Carr

    Put Normans and Anglo-Saxons in the next expansion!

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      Britons represent them sorry

  • Satyaki sil

    Why doesn’t the Teutons get Husbandry?

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      because balancing the game.

  • HK

    Hi guys
    thought i’d ad my personal feelings on your comments on some new civs. Not a amazing player but with some experience, and really appreciate the job done so far with forgotten.

    As far as Europe is concerned, i believe Portuguese and Swiss lack for now. Inquisitors sounds great, would also have perhaps a great exploration ship (no so much on gunpowder). Swiss : special guards obviously (halbardiers type ?) with higher defense in order to tank arrows at least.

    Africa : yeah really, number of civs miss. Bantu and/or malians would be awesome. Malians : bonus on gold, heavy camels, some kind of super skirmisher could be fun (and realistic i think) + good monks as said by others. + Hunting bonus

    Have you thought about Angkor vat civ ?? Saw in a documentary they where the most heavy population in the XIIIe c. or so. Bonus on wood + special bowmen (type mayans ?)

    Otherwise : polynesians and North american tribes would be great !!

    Also : I would be cool perhaps to ad some new landscapes : i’m thinking of a generic map with lots of mountains and woods

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  • Dash Meghapour

    You forgot about Armenians > which are great ancient civilization > the Great Armenia was from Caspian to Mediterranean and Black seas > their ancient king Tigran had a statut of King of the Kings

  • Sam Estes

    The Hawaiians
    • Specialty: Navy and Skirmisher Units
    • Unique Units: Koa Warrior (Infantry), Puwahaulaula(Warship)
    • Unique Technologies: Pololu (Skimirsher +10% attack +1 range and cause bleed), Loko I’a (Regenerates shore fish)
    • Wonder Pu’ukohola Heiau
    • Team Bonus: TEAM free Gillnets from the Dark Age
    o Ships cost -10% wood
    o Ships move +10% faster
    o Can build Loko I’a in Feudal Age

    The Maori
    • Specialty: Infantry and Gunpowder Units
    • Unique Units: Rangatira (regenerating infantry unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Pa (castles fire gunpowder rounds), Ugutu Parera (gunpowder unit’s movement speed and fire rate +15%)
    • Wonder: Hakari
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Barracks work 20% faster
    o All units cost -15% Wood
    o Infantry +10% HP
    o Palisade walls have +30% HP in Dark Age, +30% additional HP with each subsequent age.
    o Infantry cause Bleed

    The Micronesians
    • Specialty: Slingers
    • Unique Units: Kiribati Warrior (Anti-unique unit infantry, protection from bleed, slingers losses infantry advantage)
    • Unique Technologies: Nimpal (Building on the water gather fish), Pe’bai (buildings and transport units hold X2 unites)
    • Wonder: Nan Modol
    • Team Bonus: TEAM gather fish +50%
    o Buildings except Rai can be built in shallow and mid depth water
    o Ships +10% HP
    o Slingers +1 Attack, +1 Range, and cost 33% less
    o Can build Rai in Imperial Age
    Pacific civilizations have no access to Calvary

    New units
    Castle unique units
    • Koa Warrior: (castle unique unit of the Hawaiians, Infantry unit)
    • Rangatira: (castle unique unit of the Maori, regenerating infantry unit)
    • Kiribati Warrior: (castle unique unit of the Micronesians, Anti-unique unit infantry unit, protection from bleed, slingers losses infantry advantage)
    Secondary unique units
    • Puwahaulaula: Second unique unit of the Hawaiian, upgraded from Double Hauled Outrigger Canoe in Imperial Age at the dock.
    Common units
    • Slinger: (available in Dark Age at Archery Range, It can be upgraded to Elite Slinger in Castle Age)
    • Outrigger Canoe: (new ship available in Dark Age at Dock, It can be upgraded to Double Hauled Outrigger Canoe in Feudal Age.)
    • Rai: (250 wood, 250 gold, 100 stone) New building unique to the Micronesians, generates 1 gold every few seconds. Available in Imperial Age.
    • Loko I’a: New farm building unique to the Hawaiians, regenerates shore fish. Available in Castle Age. Researched at university.
    New common techs
    • Shrapnel: Melee infantry units cause Bleed (damage over time). Available in Feudal Age at Blacksmith.
    • Infection: Increases damage and duration of Bleed. Upgraded from Shrapnel in Imperial Age at Blacksmith.
    • Colombian Exchange: Access to gunpowder units. Available in Imperial Age at Market.

    New campaigns
    • Kamehameha (Hawaiians): Prophecy has it that the man (child) who moves the Naha Stone would be the one to unite the islands. Many have tried and failed to get the stone to move from its original spot and those who have tried were of high ranking “naha’’ blood line. Kamehameha was of the nīʻaupiʻo descent and Ululani believed Kamehameha was not worthy of attempting to move the stone. Kamehameha ignored all negativity and in the end, not only had he moved the stone but legend says the stone had been overturned. Help Kamehameha unite the islands through a series of hard fought battles.
    • Hongi Hika (Maori): Hongi Hika became the war leader of the Ngāpuhi, In 1812 he led a large taua (war party) to the Hokianga against Ngāti Pou. Despite his earlier experiences he seems to have become convinced of the value of muskets which were used during this campaign. Expand and defend your territory form encroaching rival tribes with increasing use of gunpowder.
    • Isokelekek (Micronesians): The Saudeleur rule had become oppressive under its abusive centralized social system, and its lords had offended the Thunder God Nan Sapwe, sealing the fate of the dynasty. As an adult, Isokelekel set sail with 333 men, women, and children with the secret intention of conquering Pohnpei. Help Isokelekek overthrow a despotic regime and free its people.

    • Slinger does ranged melee damage
    • Archery Range and Slinger available from the Dark Age to the Hawaiians, Micronesians, Inca, Aztecs, Maya, and Celts
    • Maya and Celts do not have access to Elite Slingers
    • Slinger costs 30 food and 5 stone
    • Slinger 3 attack, 3 range and slow speed
    • Elite Slinger 5 attack, 5 range, and fast speed
    • Outrigger Canoe replaces transport ships for Pacific civilizations
    • Outrigger Canoe increased speed per unit onboard
    • Double Hauled Outrigger Canoe x2 unit capacity of Outrigger Canoe
    • Double Hauled Outrigger Canoe with villagers onboard can gather fish and Micronesians can use it to build on water.
    • Double Hauled Outrigger fishing and building speed increases per villager
    • Hawaiians and Maori must research Colombian Exchange to access gunpowder units
    • Shrapnel available to Hawaiians, Maori, Micronesians, Aztec, Maya, and Indians
    • Infection available to Hawaiians, Maori, Micronesians, Aztec, and Maya

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      I should resume all of them as one single civilization : the Polynesians ( who should focus on naval and archers while must lack cavalry and gunpowder), also Hawaiian kingdom became importan later and not at the time of the middle ages. in fact the Tongan empire, the micronesians, and the Rapa nui civilizations were more important at the time of the events in age of empires II. also the campaign of the Polynesians should be based on Tu’i Tonga Momo since he was the chief that expanded Tongan influence through most islands of the pacific and his actions pushed up the exploration for polynesians conquering and colonizing new islands.

  • Sam Estes

    I’ve also laid out SE Asian Civs, tho not as detailed

    • Specialty: Navy and Monk Units
    • Unique Units: Pannai Warrior-Monk(Monk Unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Enlightenment (Monk Units 3x defense), Thalassocracy(Trade cogs carry 2x gold)
    • Wonder: Borobudur
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Trade cogs +33% speed
    o Ships +33% defense
    o Ships build +10% faster
    o University tech costs -33%
    o Monetary units costs -15%

    The Khmer Empire
    • Specialty: Skirmisher and Monk Units
    • Unique Units: Elephant Skirmisher
    • Unique Technologies: Haram (Units spawn 3x faster), Bodhisattva (Monks Regenerate faith 5x faster)
    • Wonder: Ankor Wat
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Monk Units Convert 2x faster
    o Monetary Tech cost -33%
    o Villagers cost 35 food
    o Skirmisher Attack speed +10%

    • Specialty: Elephant and Infantry Units
    • Unique Units: Elephant Warriors (Anti-Elephant, Anti-Calvary units)
    • Unique Technologies: (Elephant Warriors take 5x as long to convert), (Spear line regenerate health)
    • Wonder: Wat Mahathat
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Elephant units -15% Food
    o Spear line does +15% damage to infantry
    o Villager food gathering rate +15%
    o Villager build speed +15%

    Majiapahit Empire
    • Specialty: Navel and Infantry Units
    • Unique Units: Pendekar (Fast strong infantry unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Pencak Silat (Infantry attack speed +25%), Thalassocracy(Trade cogs carry 2x gold)
    • Wonder: Gapura Bajang Ratu
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Warships cost-33% wood
    o Warships do +33% Damage
    o Cargo vessels 3x defense
    o Infantry attack speed +10%

    Malacca Sultanate
    • Specialty: Naval Defense
    • Unique Units: Istinggar (gunpowder unite)
    • Unique Technologies: Laksamana (Ships do +33% damage to other ships), Identify (Towers can spot Smugglers, Sappers, and Pirate )
    • Wonder:
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Does +15 damage to ships
    o Towers build +15% faster
    o Trade cogs take 5x longer to pirate
    o Towers have +2 range

    The Philippines
    • Specialty: Naval Units
    • Unique Units: Maharlika (Foot Special unite mimic), Sappers(Villager mimic, must be targeted to be attacked)
    • Unique Technologies: Smuggling (Trade cogs can access enemy ports, must be targeted to be attacked), Friendly Flag (trade cogs and cargo vessels mimic)
    • Wonder:
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Ships Sight +50%
    o Fishing boats gather x2 faster
    o Farms gather +50% faster
    o Boats cost -33% wood

    The Brunuian Empire
    • Specialty: Naval/Pirate Units
    • Unique Units: Sulu Pirates (Anti-Infantry Infantry unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Lantaka (Warships 90% accuracy on ships), Skull and Crossbones(All Ships mimic enemy till targeted or attack, then all within enemy sight are revealed)
    • Wonder:
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Ships +33% speed
    o Pirate units cost -10%
    o Pirate unite +33% Gold Collection Speed
    o Monks costs -33%

    • Specialty: Elephant and Calvary Units
    • Unique Units: Armored Elephant
    • Unique Technologies: Horse Armor(Calvary units 2x Defense), Elephant Armor(Armored Elephant x2 Defense)
    • Wonder:
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Calvary and Elephant Units +15% Defense
    o Calvary cost -15%
    o Archers cost -15%
    o Units do +15% damage to monks

    Common units
    • Warrior-Monk: (available in Imperial Age at Monetary, a Monk with weak Infantry stats)
    • Pirates: (new ship available in Castle Age at Dock, acts as a ship Warrior-monk, can also stop trade cog and steal their gold)
    Only Vietnam, Khmer, Siam have access to cavalry.

    • Bala Arizalu Putra Dinar

      Lol Srivijaya, Build Borobudur?

    • Pochel

      At least, yes, the Khmers and Srivijaya are missing. I’m from France and I barely ignore anything about estern asian history, but I know those – what means, they must have been sufficiently important to come in the game 🙂

  • Sam Estes

    Amerindian Civilization Suggestions

    • Specialty: Calvary units
    • Unique Units: Horse Lancer
    • Unique Technologies: Mustang (Mounted units +33% movement speed), Horse Breeding (Mounted units have +5 attack and +3 piece armor)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Calvary Units +10% movement speed
    o Hunters Gather +25% More food
    o Calvary Units cost -25% less food
    o Horse Archer 2x attack

    • Specialty: Archery and Gunpowder units
    • Unique Units: Apache Warrior (fast accurate gunpowder unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Scalping (Gather 50 gold by killing enemy non-siege unit), Hit and Run (attack speed of military units +50%)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Archer unites fire 15% faster
    o Foot soldier movement speed + 33% faster
    o Gunpowder units +75% accuracy
    o Units gather gold from enemy trade carts

    • Specialty: Horse Archer and Calvary units
    • Unique Units: Dog Soldier (Melee Calvary)
    • Unique Technologies: Warclub (Melee units do +5 attack), Warrior Society (Military units cost -10%)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Hunters Gather +25% faster
    o Houses cost 5 wood
    o Horse Archer effected by Stable upgrades
    o Villagers do 3x damage to animals

    • Specialty: Horse Archer and Gunpowder units
    • Unique Units: Rifle Rider (Mounded gunpowder unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Wakina Rifle (Gunpowder units fire 25% faster), Scavenge (Units steal 50% gold and wood costs off dead enemy units cost)
    • Wonder:
    • Team Bonus: TEAM Mounded range units +5 attack
    o Houses build instantly
    o Horse Archer cost -33%
    o Units steal 15% of gold and wood costs off dead enemy units cost

    • Specialty: Tomahawk units
    • Unique Units: Tomahawk Fighter (Fast Throwing Ax Men)
    • Unique Technologies: In the trees (Tomahawks, archery, and gunpowder units can be used through trees), Red Chief (Military Units are made 50% faster)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Villages gathers 10% more food
    o Tomahawk units created 2x faster
    o Infantry units +50% movement speed
    o Building cost -15% wood

    • Specialty: Infantry and Gunpowder units
    • Unique Units: Seminole Gun (Slow fire rate, powerful, accurate gunpowder unit )
    • Unique Technologies: Guerilla Warfare (all units +5 sight), Refuge (Units from defeated players are converted when sighted)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Villagers can to gather to allies economic buildings
    o Infantry have +5 sight
    o Gunpowder Units +3 range
    o Infantry +10% movement speed

    • Specialty: Tomahawk units
    • Unique Units: Red Sticks (Fast gunpowder unit)
    • Unique Technologies: Fur Trade (Collect 100 more gold from dead animals), Raid (units can collect food from enemy farms and access mills to steal wood from pre-seeding)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Tomahawk units +10% movement speed
    o Tomahawk units (build at barracks) effected by archery range upgrades
    o Collect 50 gold off of dead animals
    o Tomahawk units cost -50% gold

    • Specialty: Siege Units
    • Unique Units: Mantlet (Strong defensive siege tower)
    • Unique Technologies: Dismantle (Collect 50% of the materials us to build razed enemy building or destroyed siege unit), Spiral Feather (Archery units +2 range)
    • Wonder:
    • Bonus: TEAM Palisade walls build instantly
    o Siege Units cost -10%
    o Siege Ram upgrades cost -50%
    o Tomahawk units +5 attack

    • Specialty: Eagle and Monks Units
    • Unique Units: Falcon Warrior (Stronger Eagle warrior)
    • Unique Technologies: River Control (Ships take -50% damage from Towers and melee units) War Priest (Monks heal units 3x faster)
    • Wonder: Cahokia
    • Bonus: TEAM Farmers gather +10% more food
    o Archers cost 33% less
    o Start with Herbal Medicine researched
    o Eagle units cost -50% gold

    • Specialty: Eagle and Monk Units
    • Unique Units: Sun Warriors (Shield and club infantry similar to Berserkers)
    • Unique Technologies: Cannibalism (Gather 55 food from dead non-siege units), Besieged (Stone building build 50% faster)
    • Wonder: Pueblo Bonito
    • Bonus: TEAM Eagle units are created 2x as fast
    o Eagle Units +3 attack
    o Start with Heresy researched
    o Villagers can build on cliff faces
    o Monk units have 3x defense

    Common units
    Tomahawk: similar to throwing axmen with no minimum range, available in Feudal Age at Barracks, It can be upgraded to Elite Tomahawk in Castle Age
    Common Tech
    Colombian Exchange: Access to gunpowder units(not including special units), available in Imperial Age at Market.

    Only Anasazi and Mississippians have no access to Gunpowder units
    Only Anasazi and Mississippians have access to Eagle units
    Only Anasazi, Mississippians, and Seminole have no Access to Calvary
    Only Anasazi have no access to Tomahawk units
    Only Anasazi have access to Slingers

    • Pochel

      Problem is, that they had’nt horses in America until the europeans came… it would be quite disappointing to play the Comanches, and not to have cavalry
      but others are good

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      there are many problems first of all most of those civs save Anazasi and Mississipians became important later. the game is based upon middle ages thirth, those peoople only got acces to horses after European colonization in america ( and that was when Middle ages were ending) and the same goes for gunpowder. PD if you want to play those civs you should try AOE III and not AOE II