Set sail to Venice, shed off the burden of the Barbarian invasions that have torn your beloved peninsula apart after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Take the role as general of one of the Italian republics that emerged in the chaos and reinstate the might that once shone from your lands. Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Ragusa, Amalfi or even the Papal states. The choice is yours which history to write.

Wage war on the colorful Indian subcontinent, the lands of a thousand kingdoms and sultanates. Put vast armies under your command, spiced up with Camels and Elephants to terrify the invaders of your homeland. Prosperity is hard fought, yet, your culture will stand the test of time.

The icy plains of Eastern Europe have more under their thick crust of permafrost than meets the eye. After the dissolution of the Mongolian Golden Horde and the emerging of the Khanates, the eyes of the newly formed empires set their eyes upon the west. Thundering hooves of Kievan and Moscovite cavalry, escorted by large squadrons of men at arms terrify the established kingdoms on the horizon.

Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and command the fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the Middle Ages. The old continent has never been at peace during the Middle Ages, and the Magyars, being the gateway from the Western to the Eastern world surely had their share of epic battles.

Relive the glories of the most extended medieval empire ever to have spread its influence over South America. Conquer Cuzco, lead your armies along the shores of lake Titicaca, defend your wealth and heritage from the invading Conquistadors and erect mighty structures to withstand the test of time.

  • Pochel

    Since everyone is posting which civilization he would be glad to see, here are my proposals :
    Kurds, with for example a Saladin-campaign
    Poland-Lithuania, with winged hussars, cavalry, war against Teutons
    Khmers, with a special building skin, and the wonder is pretty obvious to me
    Armenians or Georgians, I don’t really know what they’ve done in their history, but I’ve heard they were powerfull at those times
    Srivijaya, or any south-eastern civilization, with great market bonuses
    Polynesians, with special boat units
    Aragon/Catalan countries, with good western chivalry
    Tibet, with extra monks, something like that
    and maybe some “primitives” or “tribes” ? Like the Finns, or Siberians ? A campaign in the snowy white, against an ennemy with very primitive tehcnologies (like no further as age 2), but very strong and resistant soldiers, and extra nature technologies ? Control the wolves ? (no, it’s stupid) but maybe reindeer-cavalry)

  • TheXanian .

    Here is what I have in mind about the new civs that could be added to the game:

    Southern Chinese
    UU in castle: Zhanmadao, an infantry carrying a horse-chopping glaive, with bonus against any cavalry.
    UU in barracks: Zhijiabing, an infantry with a high pierce armor which makes them nearly immune to ranged attacks. They have bonus against archers and horse archers. However they would be quickly mown down in melee combats.

    UU in castle: Ballista Elephant, basically a scorpion mounted on the back of an elephant, with bonus against infantry.
    UU in archer range: Elephant Skirmisher, a skirmisher mounted on an elephant, with bonus against archers and horse archers.

    UU in castle: Headhunter, a fast light infantry with a large line of sight and high attack, excellent for raiding.
    UU in dock: Prahu, a small and fast cannon galley, cheaper and faster than the normal cannon galley, but with lower HP and lower range.

    UU in castle: Ula, a throwing clubman with bonus against infantry and siege units.
    UU in dock: Pahi, a fast double Polynesian canoe that can launch a javelin, with bonus against fishing boats and galleys. It’s the equivalent of a skirmisher on water.