Changes from 1.0c

Note: Since the release of “The African Kingdoms”, new balance changes have been made to The Forgotten as well. You can check out the additional changelog here.

All civs

  • Cartography is free to research, requires a market.
  • Cavalry Archers cost -5 gold
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Capped Rams garrison 5 units (from 4)
  • Fireships +20 HP
  • Demolition ships +10 HP
  • Building HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age
  • Long swordmen +5 HP
  • Long swordmen (and up) +2 attack vs eagles
  • Trade cogs generate +10% gold
  • Monks holding relics suffer from anti-monk damage too now
  • Town Patrol costs -100 gold (300 food, 100 gold)
  • Murder holes costs -100 stone
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Outposts cost -5 stone
  • Petards cost -15 food (65 food, 20 gold)
  • Spear-line +2 attack vs camels
  • Stone walls -50% HP in feudal age
  • Fervor fixed (never worked in AoC)
  • Chemistry affects Castles and Town Centers
  • Heavy Camel upgrade -20 secs research time
  • Castles +1 LOS (range bug)
  • Villagers can be garrisoned inside rams


  • Free loom removed
  • Start with +50 gold
  • Jaguar warriors +1 pierce armor


  • Get Cannon Galleons
  • Longbowman creation time -1 sec
  • Receive Heavy Scorpions



  • Furor Celtica gives siege units +40% HP


  • Town Center LOS +5 (moved from Teutons)


  • Foragers work +25% faster
  • Get squires
  • Throwing Axeman (non-elite) missile delay -2 (from 12 to 10, elite stays at 8)
  • Elite Throwing Axeman research cost -100 gold


  • Treadmill crane removed


  • Cannon Galleons removed
  • Huns cavalry archers cost -15% and -25% (castle and imp) -> reduced from -25% and -30%
  • Treadmill crane removed
  • Tarkan (non-elite) +10 HP


  • Get bloodlines


  • Turtle Boats -10% cheaper (180 wood, 180 gold)
  • War Wagon creation time decreased from 25 to 21 seconds
  • Fortifications (walls, towers, castles) built 25% faster
  • Team Bonus changed: Mangonels & Onagers minimum range reduced


  • Base cost for Plumed archers increased to 50g, 50w


  • Elite Cannon Galleons removed
  • Mangudai Siege bonus limited to Rams
  • Mangudai (non-elite) delay -50% (from 10 to 5)



  • Market costs -75 wood


  • Missionaries affected by Bloodlines


  • Town Center LOS restored to normal (moved to Chinese)
  • Town Center garrison +10 units, maximum arrows +5
  • Town Center +2 attack removed
  • Teutonic Knight (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Team bonus fixed (didn’t work automatically in AoC)


  • Elite janissaries are now affected by the Turkish teambonus


  • Team Bonus: Docks -15% cheaper (rather than -25%) (Docks cost 128 wood instead of 113 wood)
  • Viking ship cost now staggered per age: 10% cheaper in Feudal (81w-27g), 15% in Castle (76-25), 20% in Imperial (72-24)
  • Get treadmill crane
  • Berserk (non-elite) +4 HP
  • Longboats wood cost same as galleys

New Techs

  • Eagle Warrior (300 food, 200 gold): Upgrades Eagle Scouts to Eagle Warriors (+1 PA, +5HP, -3 secs creation time)
  • Gillnets (300w, 200f): +15% speed for fishing ships

Random Map Changes

General Changes

  • Deer variance removed, each player has 4 deer at more or less the same distance from TC
  • Fish density improved: fish appear at more regular intervals thus reducing chances of unlucky dock placement


  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Gold distance variance reduced


  • Relics can no longer appear stuck in walls
  • Wall distance variance removed, distance set to 20


  • Larger base size, preventing players to be too close to water
  • Wolves removed

Black Forest

  • Forests remade to prevent the occurrence of bubbles in which resources and relics often got stuck
  • Larger base size
  • Gold and stone distribution balanced
  • Relic distribution balanced


  • Larger base size for players

Crater Lake

  • Larger base size
  • Gold moved slightly further
  • Central island’s position improved


  • Fish removed

Ghost Lake

  • Inland sea rounded
  • Bonus sheep scattered around more evenly

Gold Rush

  • Central gold mines’ position improved


  • Variance on distance of extra boar and sheep reduced


  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Larger base size to prevent noodle-shaped islands


  • Central sea rounded
  • Larger base size, prevents players from being too close to water
  • Wolves removed


  • Sheep and deer distance variance improved, 2 sheep appear very close to TC
  • Wood distribution improved
  • Distance of gold mine improved
  • Gold and stone no longer appear on the shores of mainland


  • Forest enlarged, same distance from TC for everyone


  • Water edges remade: 50% water covers all edges of the map, 50% none
  • Bonus islands appear in the centre

Salt Marsh

  • Map remade from scratch, a ring of water with shallows appears in the middle


  • Ice patches are broken into smaller pieces and scattered around more evenly


  • Boar variance removed