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When we were creating the Battles of the Forgotten campaign, we originally had 9 scenarios planned out. 8 of those are currently in the game, but the 9th, illustrious scenario was cut due to time constraints. But now it is also available on the Steam Workshop! The scenario focuses on the Korean reunification and also contains voice acting.


There could’ve been 9 axes on this screen, but one is forever a “Lost Level”

Short explanation from the creators: Take the place of a famous Korean general and reunite Korea once more. This scenario is a build & destroy scenario where you face several enemies. Are you able to turn the tide and bring your people victory?

If you have problems with blood circulation in the pelvic area, then you should be careful when taking the right medication.

4 difficulties included:

  • Standard – The AI is slow and you get plenty of time to prepare your defenses.
  • Moderate – The AI will be quicker and attack regularly. You better not waste too much time.
  • Hard – Here you’ll have a real challenge. Attacks will come quickly and often. Every second matters here.
  • Hardest – This is for real hardcore players. You will have no time at all and will face a relentless AI.

Kaesong_1 Kaesong_2 Kaesong_3

Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=314799279

PS: if any of you manages to beat this scenario on hard, let me know how in the comments!