Changes from 4.3

All civs

  • Eagle warrior upgrade cost changed from 300f/200g to 200f/200g
  • Eagle warrior speed from 1.1 to 1.2 (Eagle scout is 1.1, Elite Eagle Warrior is 1.3)
  • Eagle Scout available from the Feudal Age
  • Fire Galleys and Demolition rafts newly added to the Feudal Age
  • Siege Towers newly added to the Castle Age
  • Banking and Coinage research time increased from 50s to 70s
  • Banking cost increased from 200f/100g to 300f/200g
  • Coinage cost increased from 150f/50g to 200f/100g
  • Cavalry Archer cost reduced to 40w/60g
  • Trade Cogs carry +30% more per trip
  • Transport ships can carry herdable animals
  • Fire ships +1 armor/+1 ship armor
  • Fast Fire ships +1 armor/+2 ship armor
  • Scorpion projectile size increased (fixes their lack of pass-through damage)
  • Camels are no longer classified as ships
  • Fish traps take 40s to build (instead of 60s)


  • Knights +20% HP changed to Cavalry +20% HP
  • (Elite) Throwing Axeman +0.1 speed


  • Cavalry Archers cost -10% Castle Age/-20% Imperial Age (instead of -25%/-30%).
  • Marauders cost changed from 500f/200g to 300w/200g


  • Couriers now gives +1/+2 armor instead of +10% movement speed
  • Receive Keep
  • Receive Guilds
  • Receive Block Printing
  • Receive Thumb Ring
  • Slingers no longer require castle


  • Villagers cost -10% Dark, -15% Feudal, -20% Castle, -25% Imperial Age (5% extra per age)
  • Receive Guilds
  • Receive Ring Archer Armor
  • Elephant Archer +30 HP
  • Elite Elephant Archer -20 HP
  • (Elite) Elephant Archer -1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant Archer -10 food (now costs 100 food, 80 gold)


  • Condottiero no longer require castle
  • Condottiero +1 attack, +0.2 speed
  • Receive Hussars
  • Pavise now affects all Foot Archers (instead of just Genoese Crossbowmen)
  • Pavise cost changed from 550f/300g to 300f/150g
  • Advancing to the next age 15% cheaper (instead of 10%)


  • Yasama cost changed from 400w/300f to 300w/300f


  • Turtle ship no longer requires Castle
  • Panokseon cost changed from 400w/400f to 300w/300f
  • War Wagons are correctly classified as Cavalry Archers (so they take bonus damage from Camel Archers & Elite Skirmishers)


  • Obsidian Arrows now do +6 damage instead of +4
  • Resources lasting longer reduced from 20% to 15%


  • Farming rate fixed to 1.31 rather than 1.18. Actual farming rate is now at +15% (+15% after wheelbarrow, +5% after handcart)


  • Missionaries no longer require castle
  • Inquisition cost changed from 400f/400g to 300g/100f


  • Ironclad cost changed from 500w/350g to 400w/350g


  • Longboats no longer require castle
  • Longboat cost restored to 100w, 50g (original AoC cost)
  • Chieftains cost changed from 700f/400g to 400f/300g and effect +1 bonus attack

New Techs

  • Arson (150 food, 50 gold): Infantry do more damage vs. buildings (+2 bonus attack)
  • Arrowslits (300w, 200f): Towers attack increased (+2/+4/+6 for Watch Tower/Guard Tower/Keep)

  • Safary Noneya

    I think you guys missed another opportunity to do away with the silly atheism technology for huns, by rolling it into a civ bonus (only affects enemies and allies not you) and a new imperial age unique tech could have been stirruped saddle: all Cavalry and Cavalry archers +10% speed.

  • Gerardo Alonso Valdez

    I kinda liked the original couriers tech, might it had been boosted a little more instead

    • Tramadol

      I also wonder what would’ve happened if they just intensified Couriers to, I dunno, more speed as well as attacking speed (like the japanese).

  • Alexander

    Humm… if it were me, I’d have done the following to the Inca techs:

    “Andean Textiles” (Skirmishers and Slingers no minimum range, +1/+2 armor to Kamayuk, Slinger and Eagles)
    “Couriers” (Kamayuks, Slingers and Eagles +10% movement speed).

    However everything else looks really good!

  • chifeiyen

    Good work for all your team.But could you tell me why Viking Berserker cannot own the attack bonus itself, but needs to be researched? Because the two castle technologies are both to the Berserker which make it really hard to be mass. I think only one tech to Beserker, and the other to other genric units is a better way.

  • Tawab Ghafari

    Does anyone else find the Eagle Scouts in feudal a bit OP!? Considering their counter is swordsman line which is more expensive than they are in resources? And also they lose to the men at arms but barely. I think men at arms should get a bit more bonus towards them. Cause as if right now they feel like scouts without pikes to counter them.

    • Arman Ali

      I’ve been playing w the eagle scouts and I havent found them OP yet. There build time is slow. A buff to swordman speed and a +2 attack bonus would offer a viable counter

  • Gerardo Alonso Valdez

    I would suggest that may be in order to improve the utility of the Elephant Archer, it should be made to shoot one or two additional arrows sort of like a mini tower. It would be historical justified since up to three or at least more than one Archer could fit inside the Elephant’s howdah.

  • Arman Ali

    can u combine all the lists into one? Id like to have the link of the changelog under my stream as i stream AK

    • Yeah that wouldn’t hurt!

      • Febreezn

        Will there be any information about 4.8 patch soon?