Xi Wangmu


“The Queen Mother of the West… No one knows her beginning, and no one knows her end.” – Zhuangzi, 4th C. BC

Xi Wang Mu is a goddess of great power and one of the oldest in existence. She lives on Mount Kunlun, and is matriarch of the West. She has a counterpart, the Queen Mother of the East, and both are attested in Shang oracle bones from the 15th C. BC onwards.

She once guarded a vial of the elixir of life, which she granted to Houyi the Archer after his banishment so that he and his wife Chang’e might live forever in peace. Sadly, Chang’e drank all of the elixir and ascended to the Moon, leaving Houyi behind on Earth.

Myth Unit

White Tiger: Leaps into combat.

The White Tiger, also known as the White Tiger of the West, is a mythological creature representing the Metal element and the autumn season. As the tiger was considered the king of all beasts by ancient cultures, the legends speak of its tail turning white as the creature reached the age of 500 years. It is the guardian of righteousness and only appears to rulers of the highest virtues.

The Earth Dragon, Dilong, likes to play whack-a-mole with his foes. He can be summoned thrice before returning to the earth permanently.


God Power

Earth Dragon: Xi Wangmu sends Dilong, the Earth Dragon, to defend her followers. The Earth Dragon can be placed anywhere on land and attacks anything that dares to come near. He only appears temporarily but can be summoned again, even when slain.


Unique Technologies

  • Golden Peaches: Xi Wangmu increases the hitpoints of all your Castle Units.
  • Celestial Palace: Xi Wangmu increases the hitpoints of your Castles, and makes them train units faster.
  • Tiger Spirit: Xi Wangmu improves the hitpoints and speed of your White Tigers.