Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong Portrait


Sun Wukong is the fabled Monkey King, made most famous for his role in “Journey to the West,” where he makes friends and foes among all the gods of China in his many adventures.

One time Sun Wukong visited Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. The Monkey King sought to find a weapon that he could wield from among the great dragon’s many treasures. To Ao Kuang’s frustration, the Monkey King broke any weapon the dragon gave him to try. Finally Sun Wukong reached Ruyi Jingu Bang, the pillar once used by Yu the Great to measure the seas, and which now held them in their place and which controlled the oceans’ tides. Ao Kuang thought it would be too heavy for him to lift, but the rod obediently changed its size and leapt into his hands, plunging the oceans into chaos. Fearful of Sun Wukong’s power, the Dragon King gave him many more magical items from his treasury to placate him.


Myth Unit

special c monkey king iconMonkey King: Stuns units.

The Monkey King was born out of a magic stone, which had been sitting on top of a mountain for a long time, drawing to itself the powers of earth and heaven.

When he came out, he had the physical appearance of a monkey, but the abilities of a god. He was able to travel at lightning speed and possessed an immense strength. With the powers, however, also came a sense of pride and cheekiness.

After descending the mountain, Sun Wukong would soon become the king of the monkeys and animals he had befriended, and as he traveled, he would be quick to smugly take up any challenge. Bold and cheeky, he faced various lessons and often became reprimanded as a result for his audaciousness. In the end, however, the Monkey King learned how to attain enlightenment and was rewarded for his service and strength.


A squad of Monkey Kings fending off Greek and Chinese foes.


God Power

god power journey iconGreat Journey: Sun Wukong teaches you his secrets of swift movement. This Classical Age God Power temporarily speeds up all your units, making them more maneuverable on the battlefield.


Unique Technologies

  • Golden-banded staff: Sun Wukong allows your Monkey Kings to carry his Golden staff, which increases their damage.
  • Pillar of the Ocean: Sun Wukong makes your Fishing Ships, Junks and Docks stronger.
  • Paper Talisman: Sun Wukong makes your Halberdiers stronger.


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Matt Clayton

I was expecting this character to be in the campaign only or a cheat unit. He’s cool, but he’s not a god and he’s not ancient. He’s a literary character from the 1500s.

Noah Shepard

Not a big deal in my opinion. Hell, the Atlanteans ( a fake civilization) had titans as gods.

Frankly Man

True, I mean Kronos in AoE is a mix of both Cronus the Titan/father of Zeus and Chronos the personification of time. Plus most myth units come from different interpretations and later beliefs and folklore EG mummies and behemoth, single characters become races like Medusa and Minotaur and cyclops having more in common with Ray Harryhaussen’s Sinbad than the ancient myths etc. Liberties and changes are always a given.

Johannes Steidele

Gotta say I’m very dissapointed with that creature design for now. That’s just an upscaled monkey. make him more like the minor god Sun Wukon which is well drawn and more frightening and powerful looking. :/ Maybe some video footage could shut me up. But for now. Upscaled monkey.

Frankly Man

Yeah, I hope the “Golden-banded staff” upgrades gives the models a staff like the changes units like the Cyclops, Frost Giant and others get when they are upgraded.

Mateus Nunes Santos


Cheng Wei

In China, only three sovereigns and five emperors, taoist deities and buddhas are known as Chinese deities. Sun Wukong is a Buddha, but he is in lower status.

Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

It’s Goku


was hopping for something like that, but that image of wukong is rly ugly …

Dantheman Wells

(SMITE! YAAAAH!!!) Ikr? I was hoping for him or his unit to look kinda like SMITE’s one. Oh well :/ nothing we can do about it.