Huangdi, also known as the Yellow Emperor, is a legendary Chinese ruler who was among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Credited with numerous inventions and innovations, Huangdi is the mythological ancestor of the Chinese people. His reign is not only believed to have introduced items like the wheel, coined money, medicine, or weapons, but also to have refined the culture and taught its people many useful skills.


Myth Unit

Terracotta Warrior: Returns part of its cost after death. Expels lethal dust.

Soldiers of the Terracotta Army are a formidable force loyal to the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. When the emperor passed away, a ceremonial burial was held and an army of over 8000 clay soldiers was sealed in the emperor’s tomb in order to protect him in his afterlife. Each soldier is equipped with a range of weapons and the ranks include both infantry units and units on horseback.

Casting Call to Arms while your Terracotta Warriors fend off incoming Centaurs.

God Power

Call to Arms: Huangdi, knows the importance of having sufficient soldiers to protect yourself. You can use his God Power to duplicate a random number of soldiers in an area. When targeting an army, it can either duplicate a lot of cheap Human units, or a few Myth units. Heroes are unaffected by this God Power.


Unique Technologies

  • Oracle Bone Script: Huangdi makes your War Academy units cheaper and train faster.
  • Five Grains: Huangdi teaches your Peasants the secrets of the Five Grains, which make Farms cheaper.
  • Stone Armor: Huangdi makes the dust expelled by your Terracotta Warriors deal more damage.


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flyoz Lin

This picture of Huangdi looks really awful! Strongly suggest changing it to a better one!

Noah Shepard

What’s wrong with it?

flyoz Lin

Huangdi in this picture looks really creepy, in Chinese myth he is not evil nor guileful, this is just NOT what he is supposed to look like. Also I have to say compared with the god pictures in original AOM game, the quality of Chinese gods of this DLC is poor, especially this one.

Noah Shepard

I think he looks mysterious and cool but I’m a white american. lol

flyoz Lin

Well, most of Chinese players are unhappy with this 🙁

Noah Shepard

I can definitely see that. I don’t think the developers mean any disrespect, I believe they are just ignorant.

flyoz Lin

Me neither. I also understand they are trying their best to develop a DLC based on a very limited budget, thus the DLC is not likely as good as the original AOM. But they really should have listened to players’ opinions about their work since several months ago. Revealing the content only several days before releasing date is too late to make any beneficial changes.

Jesper Timmerman

I was so afraid that the Terracotta Warriors were going to be assigned to Nü Wa. Glad to see it’s not the case. But we do get Yellow/Jade Emperor overlap. Oh well.

Dongchen Xu

I am Chinese and I do want to make one point very clear: Most Chinese probably do not care that much about the looks of Fuxi, Nuwa, etc. because those are truly mythical figures to us. Huangdi is different because he is not just mythical or legendary, he is actually considered the founder of the Chinese civilization, the very first emperor of the Chinese people, to not make him majestic and grand looking is a very serious problem. I do not want to make this comment sound hostile and I definitely appreciate the hard work the artist put into this… Read more »


As a chinese, I definitely dislike this portraits. Looks sick and weak. And developers have mixed Huangdi and Yuhuangdadi, and probably a little bit of Qinshihuang. This is a huge mistake and for us it is intolerable. I accept that territoca warrior as the myth unit because of the playability but history mistake should be undoubtly corrected. I respect developers since I was once a game designer too, I believe developers will make it right before release or short after release. Show respect to the history 🙂


Hate to chime in with all the complainers, but… Well, let’s put it this way: Hephaestus was meant to be disfigured and butt ugly. His splashart for AoM is *considerably* more handsome than this pic of Huangdi. So yeah.

Emrah Agca

As a matter of fact Huangdi picture looks really the coolest and most interesting one of the minor gods to me.. I understand Chinese peoples worries but this is just a game about mythology.. Not historical facts.. This Huangdi is more like the mythological side of your ancestor, not a disrespectful act in any way.. But mixing him with the Jade Emperor is a grave mistake that should be corrected imho..


I wonder the exact result of Huangdi’s technology is whether to make farms more efficiency or make farms cheaper, because in Chinese version, the explanation of the tech show that makes farm more efficiency.