– Creative Directors –
Bert Beeckman
Alexander Flegler

– Art, Graphics & Effects-
Alexander Flegler
Andy De Pooter
Vanessa Kunkel
Bert Beeckman
Yanislav Andreev

– Engineering –
Petar Tasev

– Artificial Intelligence –
Raymi Mario Klingers

– Random Map Scripting –
Matthew “Milkman Matty” Stubbins

– Scenario & Map Design –
Simon “Yeebaagooon” M
Jun-Kit “Zenophobia” Ho
Justin Couchot

– Music & Sound Effects –
Vitalis Eirich

– Voice Acting –
Jason Damron
Matthew Posner
Alexander Masters

– History –
Bennett Lloyd
Tomáš Nedved
Sam Levin

– Business Development –
Ryan T. Shepherd

– Translation –
Daniel Pereira – Portuguese
Sebastian C.R. – Spanish
Hector Serrano – Spanish
Paolo Marconato – Italian
Pierre Houzé – French
Leonard Reuter – German
Aerin Yost – Korean
Yaguang Fan – Chinese
Chen Zijia – Chinese
Kanako Mhatre – Japanese

– Balance Design & Testing –
Bálint “Nakamura” Marczin
Louis “Kyomaku” Brandes
Lorenzo “I_r_noob” Vrolijk
Jason “Nemesis” Werrel
Themistoklis “Themista” Bonidis
Naeem “IamMagic” Panchbhaya

– QA Support –
Simon “RebelsRising” Peterhans
Daryl “AoL_RecoN” Jackson
Jesse “Shu” Shuman
Lawrence “IBubbleI” Meijer
Ethan “Lycarous” Ford
Pontus “Brickhead” Sterner
Jan “Black_Adder” Steiner
Tjeerd “TheCountVonCount” Wildeboer
Patrick “Patjuh” Van Ank
Nathaniel “Thanatos” Meserve

– In memory of –
Philipe “Cryplex” Felsche


Jennifer Barron
Seamus Epp
Errol Hanham
Tim Hinds
Anthony Jackson
Jeremy Katsumata
Shyang Kong
Mike Kuntz
Derek MacNeil
Brad Miller
Kris Morness
Byron Munsie
Taylor Powell
Tud Racanelli
Steve Silvester
Fred Vasquez
Michael Ventura


– Studio Head –
Paul Jensen

– Producer –
Ben Brooks
Matt Lesnak

– Business Development –
Andrew Adamyk
Andre Sevigny
David Hopley
James Kuk
Scott Warren

– Community & Support –
Jennifer Paige
Joe Homes (Mod Squad Inc)
Jessica Capuano Mora (Mod Squad Inc)
Alexander Judd (Mod Squad Inc)
Kieffer Bryant (Mod Squad Inc)

– Special Thanks –
Shannon Loftis
Jorg Neumann
Carla Woo
Derek Dutilly
Kevin Perry
Laura Hamilton
Ryan Chaply

  • Mitchell Williams

    Special Awards Ceremony:

    No One


    Nottud, Zenophobia and MilkyMatty were in charge of maps, and made 12 RPG-wannabe or Tower Defence shit-fests

  • Mitchell Williams

    Do I get a credit or at least a mention for for being able to get a hold of the Multiplayer Alpha, finding numerous models and textures which included the original Egyptian Chariot which was converted by me and released, which ended up being modified and re-used for this expansion?

    Without me that MP alpha would’ve never been achieved, would’ve never been extracted and then converted into TT, and thus wouldn’t have existed in this expansion, and some other unit would’ve been used in it’s place.

    In fact, ES should also be credited as well, because THEY CREATED THE MODEL ORIGINALLY.