Tale of the Dragon

“Tale of the Dragon” is a 9-piece storyline set in Ancient China during the reign of Emperor Yao. The empire is in distress over a series of catastrophic events, so the Emperor tasks his top generals, Jiao-Long and Danzhu to look into it.

The campaign is fully voice acted in English.






  • Mitchell Williams

    spill the beans, lol

  • Red0111

    You should have put kastor into it…

    • mourgos1234

      No thanks, I prefer the AoE campaign style, where campaign is based on the history, without fictional non-mythological characters. Also think that China and west that that time had tiny connections so there was no way Castor could travel till China, it would take him years.

      This is also why i hated the AOE III Campaign.

    • Klaus Møller

      In a way they did. The disturbance came from that power Cronos got when he tricked Kastor into weaking the olympians and their allies. At least I have read that somewhere. So Kastor DOES has a PART of the blame for it.