It was already announced previously, but now we have an exact date and hour as well! The announcement stream for Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon will take place October 2nd at 18:30 GMT. Since time zones are a mess, here are some conversions to make it easier for you:

  • USA Pacific: 11:30 (AM)
  • USA Mountain: 12:30
  • USA Central: 13:30
  • USA Eastern: 14:30
  • GMT: 18:30
  • UK: 19:30
  • EU Central: 20:30
  • EU East: 21:30


The stream will be hosted by  Program Manager Matt Lesnak and community manager Joe Homes. Bert and Alexander from Forgotten Empires will join them to talk about some of the new things that you can expect in the expansion and we’ll also be playing a small demo scenario. And there will be more, like… the release date 🙂