Lakota in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Flag of Lakota in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

The Lakota occupied large territories in North America, and also absorbed the “Great Plains” culture of their neighbors by becoming skilled buffalo hunters.


Chief Gall in Age of Empires III

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Chief Gall will strike your town hard and fast. A raider with little patience for defense, he is a clever opponent eager to raid your towns and gatherers



Civilization Bonuses

  • Begins with 200 population but cannot build Walls.
  • Teepee provides small hitpoint bonus to nearby units.
  • War Chief aura increases the speed of nearby friendly units.
  • Starts with all Trading Post sites visible.

Unique Units

Lakota War Chief Icon in Age of Empires IIIWar Chief
The Lakota War Chief is a light-cavalry unit with good speed and attack, but no range. This means the War Chief is vulnerable to units until he closes in on them. As one of the faster units in the game, this happens quickly. This unit also makes nearby allied warriors move more quickly.
Axe Rider Icon in Age of Empires IIIAxe Rider
The Axe Rider cavalry unit is good against artillery; it has a big attack, good speed, and no range. Because the Axe Rider does damage in melee combat, it is vulnerable to ranged attacks when moving in close, though closing is not a common strategy of cavalry units.
Bow Rider Icon in Age of Empires IIIBow Rider
The Bow Rider is a cavalry unit with a dangerous ranged attack, good hitpoints, and excellent speed. He can move in and out of combat quickly. Because he’s armed with a bow, however, he isn’t very effective in melee combat.
Rifle Rider Icon in Age of Empires IIIRifle Rider
The Rifle Rider cavalry unit has good speed, hitpoints, and, unlike other ranged cavalry units, an effective ranged attack against ranged infantry.
Cetan Bowman Icon in Age of Empires IIICetan Bowman
Cetan Bowmen are an inexpensive, ranged light infantry unit. Inexpensive to produce and available early, their range starts out very poor, but increases dramatically with their first upgrade. Cetan Bows are best fielded against slow, non-ranged units so that they have time to fire a deadly barrage of arrows before they are forced to flee or fight hand to hand.
Tokala Soldier Icon in Age of Empires IIITokala Soldier
The Tokala Soldier is a cavalry unit armed with a spear that is good against light infantry and artillery. Tokala Soldiers can only be obtained from Community Plaza ceremonies or from the Tribal Council.
Tashunke Prowler Icon in Age of Empires IIITashunke Prowler
The Tashunke Prowler is a special cavalry unit with Stealth ability, a big attack, good speed, and no range. First available in the second Age, the Tashunke Prowler gains strength through numbers – the more you have, the tougher they get. A melee fighter, this unit is primarily armed with coup sticks.
Wakina Rifle Icon in Age of Empires IIIWakina Rifle
The Wakina Rifle is an infantry unit with excellent range and damage, but relatively few hitpoints and a poor melee attack. They cannot stand long against tougher infantry or the cavalry units that close in on them. Wakina Rifles tend to do well against non-ranged infantry because they can cause a lot of damage while the enemy infantry close. They are effective against other infantry, but cavalry will mow down Wakina Rifles if they can get close.
Club Warrior Icon in Age of Empires IIIClub Warrior
The Club Warrior is an inexpensive Lakota hand infantry unit with decent hitpoints and damage, but no range. This infantry unit does all its damage in melee combat. Club Warriors are best fielded against cavalry or buildings. They are inexpensive to train, cost no Coin, and may be trained in the Commerce Age.
Haudenosaunee Healer Icon in Age of Empires IIIHealer
The Healer is a unit that heals other units. He has a poor attack, but may heal other units at a short range.

Unique Buildings

Teepee Icon in Age of Empires IIITeepee
Unlike Houses, Teepees do not increase your population limit (the Lakota start with a 200 population limit). Lakota military units that are in the proximity of a Teepee get additional hitpoints. Build them around your town to strengthen your warriors on defense.

Unique ceremonies

Fire Ceremony Icon in Age of Empires IIIFire Ceremony
Perform a Charging Ceremony to increase unit damage vs. buildings and ships.
War Song Ceremony Icon in Age of Empires IIITokala Ceremony
Perform the Tokala Ceremony to spawn the mighty Tokala Soldiers.


Lakota Home City Great Council in Age of Empires III

The Great Council, the Lakota Home City in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition