Germans in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Flag of Germans in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

In the New World, the Germans ruled territories in South America in the 1500s, such as Venezuela. They were short lived until were able to successfully colonize in the late 1800s.


Frederick the Great in Age of Empires III

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Frederick the Great is as confident and charismatic as he was in life. He prefers small forces to large armies and likes to catch his enemies off guard.



Civilization Bonuses

  • Receives Uhlans with every home city shipment.
  • Begins with three Settler Wagons.

Royal guard units:

  • Skirmisher (Prussian Needle Gun)
  • Uhlan (Czapka Uhlan)

Unique Units

Settler Wagon Icon in Age of Empires IIISettler Wagon
The Settler Wagon is a unique German resource gatherer. Settler Wagons are relatively expensive and tough compared to a Settler, but they are not meant for combat. Settler Wagons fire weak muskets solely to defend themselves and others. Settler Wagons can be used to collect Treasures. Settler Wagons can only be shipped from Europe.

Doppelsoldner Icon in Age of Empires IIIDoppelsoldner
Doppelsoldners are a unique German infantry unit with high hitpoints and a sweeping attack that does area damage. Available in the Commerce Age, they are devastating in melee combat and tough enough to take on cavalry. Their attacks against buildings are also effective. They are expensive to produce and take more population slots than a Halberdier, but the damage they do is worth it!
Uhlan Icon in Age of Empires IIIUhlan
Uhlans are a unique German cavalry unit with good speed who sacrifice higher hitpoints for a good attack, but have no range. Like most melee cavalry they rely on their speed to get close to enemy units or to flee battles they don’t want to fight. Uhlans arrive with every Shipment from the Home City beyond the first Age, so expect a German player to have at least some military units early to defend their colony or rush enemies.
War Wagon Icon in Age of Empires IIIWar Wagon
War Wagons are a unique German cavalry unit that has great hitpoints, a good ranged attack, and good speed. There is little reason not to build them if you have the resources. A war wagon excels at fighting cavalry because they have enough hitpoints to withstand melee attacks, enough speed to catch – or at least chase – cavalry that flee, and enough of an attack to do damage when they get into range.


German Home City Berlin in Age of Empires III

Berlin, the German Home City in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition