Dutch in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Flag of Dutch in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Replacing the Spanish as the wealthiest nation in the 18th century, the Dutch were a key proponent in managing the resources and profits gained from colonial North and South America.


Maurice of Nassau in Age of Empires III

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Maurice of Nassau is noble in bearing, refined, and confident. After his difficulties with the Spanish during his reign, he may be hesitant to want to help them.



Civilization Bonuses

  • Settlers cost coin instead of food and have lower train limit, but gather mines 15% faster.
  • Begins with an Envoy.
  • Can build Banks to automatically produce coin.

Royal guard units:

  • Halberdier (Stadswacht)
  • Ruyter (Carabineer)

Unique Units

Envoy Icon in Age of Empires IIIEnvoy
The Envoy is a unique Dutch unit with lots of hitpoints and a very good line of sight. The Envoy has a poor attack and is designed for scouting and exploring. Once you are done exploring, you can place the Envoy on the edges of your colony or out in the wilderness to give advance warning of your enemies’ movements.

Ruyter Icon in Age of Empires IIIRuyter 
Ruyters are a unique Dutch cavalry unit with short range, and good hitpoints and attack. They cost only a single population slot, so they are a good value for their speed as cavalry. As a ranged cavalry unit, Ruyters are good at chasing down and peppering enemy cavalry with fire before retreating from melee combat, which is not their forte.
Fluyt Icon in Age of Empires IIIFluyt
The Fluyt is a unique Dutch ship with a lot of hitpoints and a good attack. It is better against other ships than the Galleon, but not as powerful as a Frigate. The Fluyt is available in limited numbers after reaching the Commerce Age. The Fluyt’s special ability is that it operates like a floating Barracks and can train infantry, or cavalry. The ship cannot move while training. Though they were mostly trade vessels historically, the Fluyt makes an excellent troop transport. This allows you to train the units when you need them, rather than having to load the Fluyt with units trained from buildings. Trained units, though, can board a Fluyt and be transported across bodies of water, just as in the Caravel, Frigate, Galleon, Galley, and Monitor.

Unique Buildings

Bank Icon in Age of Empires IIIBank
The Bank is a unique Dutch building that generates Coin. It is a very expensive building, especially early, when the Food and Wood needed for its construction compete directly with Settler production and researching improvements or constructing buildings. Only a limited number of Banks can be built in a single game, but Shipments from the Home City can increase that number.


Dutch Home City Amsterdam in Age of Empires III

Amsterdam, the Dutch Home City in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition