A new Age of Empires II patch has just hit open beta and it contains performance improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes! You can find the patch notes below or on the Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221380/discussions/0/135514800409490262/

Patch Notes –  5.3

Improved Network Speeds:

  • Removed the added network delay on game start
  • Tuned the calculations involving network speed granularity to address the issue players were seeing where the game felt too fast or too slow
  • Lowered the minimum command delay to allow max performance on faster machines
  • Improved the throttling system to allow for faster network speeds (where applicable)
  • In game ping/lag icons have been updated to appear in the correct situations
    • Yellow ping circles appear for players above 200ms ping
    • Red ping circles appear for players above 400ms ping (previously 700ms)
    • Turtle icons appear for each player that cannot maintain 90% of the simulation frame rate (previously only showed for the slowest player)

Community Focused Bug Fixes:

  • Repeatedly pressing hot keys during loading screens will no longer crash
  • Using standard AI and the original dataset will no longer randomly crash
  • Removing a unit from a queue should no longer randomly crash
  • Spectators opening the tech tree in the game lobby should no longer crash
  • Repeatedly loading into treaty mode games will no longer crash
  • Monk tool tip should no longer crash in Russian localization
  • Saving during a game should no longer cause a desync when watching the replay
  • Unit selection circles now behave correctly when unloading transport ships
  • Line of sight circles should now correctly follow units (in rare cases they would be misaligned)
  • Villagers should no longer stop and attack wolves (ordering a move command will now take priority so users can move villagers if desired)
  • Player units should be less likely to get stuck in forests or teleport through walls
  • Full Random should no longer select maps that players do not own
  • Rise of Rajas main menu music should now randomly be selected
  • Custom campaigns should now unlock in order rather that always being unlocked by default
  • Custom campaign instruction images should now display correctly
  • Custom campaign instruction scrollbar should now display correctly and not hide text
  • Loading a saved campaign file and completing the scenario should now correctly unlock the next scenario

Community Focused AI Improvements:

  • AI Huns housing bonus should now function correctly with the original dataset
  • AI pathing around walls and gates is improved to avoid teleporting through them
  • AI should now attack correctly and no longer freeze during a game
  • AI improvements when sn-enable-patrol-attack set to 1
    • Soldiers should no longer get stuck in animation loops
    • Soldiers should now attack the wonder correctly
    • Villagers should now respond to weak units attacking
    • Villagers should now attack towers correctly inside town-size

Campaign Fixes:

  • Saladin 2: Allied trade carts now travel to the correct markets.
  • Dracula 4: The mission now advances correctly after the first objective has been completed.
  • Dracula 4: The mission no longer stalls due to an issue with an AI monk during the Poenari cinematic.
  • Sforza 1: The player should now be rewarded with soldiers after completing Guitano’s sidequest.
  • Sforza 3: Cosmetic changes have been made so that the path to the monastery appears open but the gameplay is not adversely affected.
  • Sforza 3: The resign rules of the AI have been improved so that the player no longer has to destroy every enemy asset.
  • Dos Pilas: Some triggers have been overhauled to ensure a smoother playing experience.
  • Prithviraj 2: The scenario now will complete properly even if the purple player is the last to be defeated.
  • Sundjata 4: The objective where the player must rescue a princess now functions as intended.
  • Sundjata 5: The difficulty has been altered to make the playing experience easier.
  • Yodit 2: The enemy AI has been overhauled so that it functions and attacks correctly.
  • Yodit 3: The triggers now function correctly when Dagnajan reaches the mountain pass.
  • Yodit 3: The ending dialogue now appears as intended.
  • Yodit 3: The Begemder AI has been edited so that it is less difficult to defeat.
  • Yodit 4: A bug preventing players from completing the quest of conquering the nearby tribes has been fixed.
  • Yodit 4: All stelae now provide the player with resources.
  • Yodit 4: Stelae now correctly change ownership to the AI when the AI has troops next to them.
  • Yodit 5: The petard trigger has been amended so that it will not fire twice.
  • Le Loi 5: The enemy AI now attacks properly.
  • Bayinnaung 1: Custom cinematics have been removed from the scenario data so that the proper cinematics now appear.

Balance Improvements:

  • Malay cheaper fishing ship cost removed
  • Malay Battle elephants 25% cheaper (rather than 20%)
  • Malay age up bonus decreased from 100% to 80%
  • Elite Rattan Archers +1 bonus attack vs infantry removed
  • Elite Camel Archers +1 bonus attack vs infantry removed
  • Elite Karambit warrior pierce armor reduced from 2 to 1
  • Arquebus speed modifier on bombard cannons and bombard towers removed
  • Harbors reload time increased from 2.5s to 3s
  • Harbors HP reduced from 2200 to 2000 (docks are 1800)
  • Elite Arambai search radius increased by 2 (so they target easier)