Balance Changelog

For the Changelog in Age of Empires II: 2013, please check here.


  • New Barracks technology – Supplies: Militia-line costs -15 food
  • Tracking is now automatically researched in Feudal Age for free (this technology is no longer visible in Barracks).
  • Elite Skirmisher upgrade cost increased from 200w/100g to 230w/130g
  • Herbal Medicine effect increased by 50%
  • (Palisade) Gate armor decreased to 0/0 while under construction.
  • Palisade Gate cost increased from 20w to 30w
  • Watch Tower HP reduced from 1020 to 700 before Castle Age
  • Elite Battle Elephant attack reduced from 16 to 14
  • Dry Dock and Berber ship speed bonus no longer reduce gold per trip for Trade Cogs
  • Eagle Scout -1 line of sight and search radius in Dark Age
  • Trebuchets now deal damage after packing or getting destroyed
  • Fixed the issue which made houses able to attack
  • Fixed the issue with Chemistry not increasing attack of secondary castle arrows
  • Fixed the issue with side parts of diagonal gates being walkable during construction
  • Fixed the issue where the Burmese relic bonus would permanently reveal spots on the map.


  • (Elite) Genitours receive +2 attack vs Spearmen line


  • Warwolf cost increased to 800w, 400g (from 500w, 250g)


  • Cavalry +20% HP bonus only available from Feudal Age


  • Slingers -1 attack (reduced from 5 to 4)


  • Genoese Crossbowman reload time reduced from 3 to 2


  • Fixed the issue with Ballista Elephant attack being inconsistent
  • Fixed the issue with Chemistry not increasing attack of secondary Ballista Elephant bolts
  • Receive Faith
  • Receive Hussar
  • Lose Shipwright


  • Receive “Military units (except siege weapons) cost -15% wood”
  • Lose “Fortifications built faster”


  • Harbors minimum range increased to 1 (from 0). Requires Murder Holes to reduce to 0 range
  • Harbors base attack reduced from 6 to 3. Bonus attack vs Ships increased from 9 to 10
  • Forced Levy changes gold cost into additional food cost (instead of removing it)
  • Forced Levy cost decreased to 850f, 500g (from 1000f, 600g)


  • Receive Fast Fire Ship
  • Lose Galleon


  • Destroyed house foundations no longer provide population space with the “Nomads” technology.


  • Town Centers and Docks work +5% faster in Dark Age.
  • Boiling Oil replaced by “Kamandaran”. Kamandaran (200f, 200g) replaces gold cost of foot archers with additional wood cost


  • All Archers (except Skirmishers) now deal +3 bonus damage vs buildings
  • Market costs -100w (instead of -75w)
  • (Elite) Mameluke firing delay reduced
  • Halberdiers -5 attack vs Mamelukes


  • (Elite) Conquistadors receive damage from anti-cavalry archer attacks
  • Missionaries heal as quickly as normal Monks
  • Missionaries affected by Husbandry


  • Receive Faith
  • Receive free Supplies (instead of Tracking)
  • Farmers work 10% faster (lowered from 15% faster)
  • (Elite) Boyar training time reduced to 15s (from 23s/20s)


  • Receive Herbal Medicine
  • Murder Holes & Herbal Medicine free


  • Receive Husbandry
  • Paper Money cost reduced to 500f, 300w (from 800f, 200g) and research time increased to 60s (from 40s)

New General Technologies


  • Available from the Feudal Age in the Barracks, (150 food, 100 gold): Militia-line costs -15 food