The team is proud to present a new update for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!


A few highlights:

  • Fixed the infamous “5 Minute Disconnect!”
  • Fixed the Malay Age up bug.
  • Implemented various balance changes and fixes for civilizations, units, and maps. Including some changes to long-standing top-tier civs!
  • Various AI improvements to expand its possible tactics and behaviours!
  • Various localization fixes for several languages.
  • Introducing the May-hem Event: celebrating 20 years of quirkiness in Age of Empires II!
  • and much more!

For the full patch notes, please head over to the official Age of Empires website:

A hotfix has been pushed on June 3rd 2020

Update 37906 contains:

  • Fixes for crashes when joining ranked matches.
  • Fixed an error message on load asking for a missing vcredist on Steam.
  • Fixed an issue with the Trophy Case mod revealing enemy TCs through the Fog of War.
  • Implemented several counter-measures to block known external cheat/hack programs that affected multiplayer. You can report any individuals and programs used to gain an unfair advantage via [email protected]

Full details on the hotfix can be found on the official Age of Empires website: