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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

In 1997, Age of Empires changed RTS games forever. Today, twenty years later, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition begins that transformation anew with all-new graphics, remastered sound and music, and a smooth UI experience rebuilt from the ground up! Play the legendary RTS that started it all!


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be available on the Windows Store. Exact date to be announced!


Play all the civilizations from the original Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome expansion!

  • Assyrians – Restore the might of the Assyrian Empire under Adad-nirari II and terrify your enemies as the supreme Assyrian archers darken the sun with the shafts of their arrows.
  • Babylonians – Walk through the Ishtar Gate, ascend ziggurats, and explore the great city of Babylon, a testament to your people’s mastery of stone masonry. Its palace garden, a wonder of the world, was truly paradise on earth.
  • Carthaginians – Lead Carthage from city-state to empire and challenge the might of Rome with menacing war elephants and an indomitable navy.
  • Choson – Control the advanced kingdom of Gojoseon and expand your territory by alliance or through the might of your powerful swordsmen.
  • Egyptians – Sail the Nile River, construct massive pyramids to send your pharaohs to godhood, and lead armies of powerful charioteers as you vie for control of the rich lands of Canaan and the Levant.
  • Greeks – Establish colonies using your mobile fleets, resolve internal conflicts, and command armies of swift hoplites as you expand your domain.
  • Hittites – Pouring out of the rocky hills of Anatolia, the Hittites were the terror of the Near East. Lay waste to enemy cities with armies of skilled bowmen and durable siege engines.
  • Macedonians – Relive the conquests of Alexander the Great at the head of an army of disciplined infantry and powerful siege engines, building a vast empire stretching from Greece to India.
  • Minoans – Construct vast fleets of ships and build a Mediterranean trade network that will be commemorated on the vibrant frescos within your grand palaces.
  • Palmyrans – Rising out of the sands of the Syrian Desert, Palmyra built its hegemony on trade and commerce. Defend your caravans and raid your enemies with swift camelry bred in the harsh desert.
  • Persians – Throw off the Median yoke, conquer Babylon, and build a diverse empire stretching from India and Egypt to Thrace. Powerful elephants will trample anything that stands in your way!
  • Phoenicians – Invent the alphabet, fashion sturdy ships from the famous cedars of Lebanon, and lead voyages throughout the Mediterranean. Distant lands and the vast seas beyond the Pillars of Heracles await!
  • Romans – Draw your gladius and emulate the tactical brilliance of Caesar and Trajan as you lead the fabled Roman legions from humble beginnings to mastery of Europe and the Mediterranean world.
  • Shang – Reap the economic benefits of the fertile Yellow River valley and construct massive fortifications to repulse nomadic invasions from the northern steppe.
  • Sumerians – Cultivate the rich soils of Mesopotamia, invent writing and the wheel, and wage the wars of Gilgamesh and Sargon. No enemy city will withstand your fearsome siege engines!
  • Yamato – Take command of sturdy fleets and large cavalry armies as you vie to unify your hardworking people and forge the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Fight your way across antiquity and relive some of the most famed campaigns from the Stone Age all the way through the Iron Age.

  • Ascent of Egypt
  • Voices of Babylon
  • Glory of Greece
  • Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Reign of the Hittites
  • Rise of Rome
  • Ave Caesar
  • Imperium Romanum
  • Enemies of Rome
  • First Punic War

  • All-new graphics & artwork
  • Multiplayer
  • Remastered soundtrack
  • Remastered sound effects
  • Completely revamped UI
  • The good old campaigns with proper spit and polish
  • Countless balance adjustments
  • New terrains & scenario editor objects
  • Classic Mode – The original 1997 experience
  • Plenty a-wololo

A very special word of thank to all the people who have helped us on this project!

  • KGB_Crazy

    Cysion, i think it would be a goid idea to add flare like the one we have in age 2. It would help a lot in team games.

  • SummerWind

    A question: will you add a “library” or “encyclopedia” section like the AoE II one in which explain the history of civilizations and so on?

    • Alexander Pierce

      Probably… well I’ve seen something like that in the gamescom trailer, so I think that they added it.

  • Pablo Bettanzzo

    So exited! I hope it will be released soon…IN STEAM!!!

  • Jonathan Andrew Quizhpe

    will their be unique units

  • Jonathan Andrew Quizhpe

    or new civs each with a unique unit or all units from different cultures look different

  • lasbrujaz

    hey dev, is original cheat code working here? would be good if i can see priest walking like a thunder by cheat HOYOHOYO

  • Gary Lee

    Is there a GIFT for pre-ordering age of empire definitive edition?

  • Greatatemi

    I have a question, and hope that it gets answered. So the original AOE had some multiplayer scenarios like “Border Patrol”, and my question is: Do those scenarios be in the Definitive Edition? And a side question. Looking at the Classic Mode made me think, do OG player made scenarios can be used in DE and vice versa?

    • Alexander Pierce

      OG player made scenarios can be used in DE, but DE player made scenarios can’t be used in the OG.

      • Greatatemi

        Good to know, thanks.

  • Ry22

    the fact its “only for windows 10” is very disappointing not every one uses it, i my self use windows 8 and i am quite happy with sticking with it. and also why should it only be for win 10 like seriously that’s just stupid what pc game company does that just means less money to be made for one, and 2 mad customers that used to buy the games. grab a brain Microsoft just because you may want moe people on windows 10 and using the windows store DOES NOT MEAN you do this not every one is going to upgrade just so they can play the game, we will find other games to play, or find work arounds like a virtual desktop or something (if thats possible). But i know im not going to try and find a stupid cracked version because only scums do that, i would rather get it legally and not illegally. so unless its made for other windows im not going to beable to buy it and i wont try either…
    I really loved the origanal when i played it at my grandperents house they moved and i never got to play it again, i would love to, i was sooo hyped when i first found out then as i found out the trash move you guys are making i went from hyped to ticked off. thanks for ruining my excitement and hope to play it again

  • akshat124

    I never really played AOE 1 because by the time I got to playing RTS, AOE 2 was out and it was so damn good. When I finally tried the first one, it just seemed so lacking is so many things.
    My only issue with AOE 1 is that why not try to improve the gameplay with some very commonsensical additions – like Gates (I mean the Romans had gates right!?). Take the opportunity to really improve so that it becomes a proper game in its own right.