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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

In 1997, Age of Empires changed RTS games forever. Today, twenty years later, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition begins that transformation anew with all-new graphics, remastered sound and music, and a smooth UI experience rebuilt from the ground up! Play the legendary RTS that started it all!


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be available on the Windows Store. Exact date to be announced!


Play all the civilizations from the original Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome expansion!

  • Assyrians – Restore the might of the Assyrian Empire under Adad-nirari II and terrify your enemies as the supreme Assyrian archers darken the sun with the shafts of their arrows.
  • Babylonians – Walk through the Ishtar Gate, ascend ziggurats, and explore the great city of Babylon, a testament to your people’s mastery of stone masonry. Its palace garden, a wonder of the world, was truly paradise on earth.
  • Carthaginians – Lead Carthage from city-state to empire and challenge the might of Rome with menacing war elephants and an indomitable navy.
  • Choson – Control the advanced kingdom of Gojoseon and expand your territory by alliance or through the might of your powerful swordsmen.
  • Egyptians – Sail the Nile River, construct massive pyramids to send your pharaohs to godhood, and lead armies of powerful charioteers as you vie for control of the rich lands of Canaan and the Levant.
  • Greeks – Establish colonies using your mobile fleets, resolve internal conflicts, and command armies of swift hoplites as you expand your domain.
  • Hittites – Pouring out of the rocky hills of Anatolia, the Hittites were the terror of the Near East. Lay waste to enemy cities with armies of skilled bowmen and durable siege engines.
  • Macedonians – Relive the conquests of Alexander the Great at the head of an army of disciplined infantry and powerful siege engines, building a vast empire stretching from Greece to India.
  • Minoans – Construct vast fleets of ships and build a Mediterranean trade network that will be commemorated on the vibrant frescos within your grand palaces.
  • Palmyrans – Rising out of the sands of the Syrian Desert, Palmyra built its hegemony on trade and commerce. Defend your caravans and raid your enemies with swift camelry bred in the harsh desert.
  • Persians – Throw off the Median yoke, conquer Babylon, and build a diverse empire stretching from India and Egypt to Thrace. Powerful elephants will trample anything that stands in your way!
  • Phoenicians – Invent the alphabet, fashion sturdy ships from the famous cedars of Lebanon, and lead voyages throughout the Mediterranean. Distant lands and the vast seas beyond the Pillars of Heracles await!
  • Romans – Draw your gladius and emulate the tactical brilliance of Caesar and Trajan as you lead the fabled Roman legions from humble beginnings to mastery of Europe and the Mediterranean world.
  • Shang – Reap the economic benefits of the fertile Yellow River valley and construct massive fortifications to repulse nomadic invasions from the northern steppe.
  • Sumerians – Cultivate the rich soils of Mesopotamia, invent writing and the wheel, and wage the wars of Gilgamesh and Sargon. No enemy city will withstand your fearsome siege engines!
  • Yamato – Take command of sturdy fleets and large cavalry armies as you vie to unify your hardworking people and forge the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Fight your way across antiquity and relive some of the most famed campaigns from the Stone Age all the way through the Iron Age.

  • Ascent of Egypt
  • Voices of Babylon
  • Glory of Greece
  • Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Reign of the Hittites
  • Rise of Rome
  • Ave Caesar
  • Imperium Romanum
  • Enemies of Rome
  • First Punic War

  • All-new graphics & artwork
  • Multiplayer
  • Remastered soundtrack
  • Remastered sound effects
  • Completely revamped UI
  • The good old campaigns with proper spit and polish
  • Countless balance adjustments
  • New terrains & scenario editor objects
  • Classic Mode – The original 1997 experience
  • Plenty a-wololo

A very special word of thank to all the people who have helped us on this project!

  • Alex

    a dream comes true yeaaaahhhhhh. I hope for expancion soon. TY FE 🙂

  • tempires

    “Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be available on the Windows Store later this year”

    Big disapointment 🙁

    • StoneCold

      “NO-LOLOLO” for the Windows Store 🙁

      Anyhow, let’s be positive. Maybe it will be released on Steam later on, like they did with Halo Wars: Definitive Edition (if we’re lucky) 🙂

      • tempires

        they didn’t do that for halo wars 2 so not big hopes

        • StoneCold

          Not yet, but they will eventually 😉

          • I don’t think they will. I also hope they don’t.

      • drdvdplayerhandbook

        It’ll be if they intend to sell more than three copies.

        • nightknight

          there is tons of users on win store so not big loss

          • drdvdplayerhandbook

            Hahaha! That’s funny, man.

          • Cristofer Erlandsson

            U stupid? Plenty of people interested in AoE/AoC/Whatever on microsoft store? Give me a break. Steam is by far the biggest and most successfull platform for selling games on. Since CS when changed from 1.5 to 1.6 around 2003 it has always been the biggest. If you want to reach your audience they should try to release it on steam, which would be np since they already has released a few things there earlier.. This is a marketing trick to get more people into the world of microsoft store but it wont happen, believe me. I hope the devs & producers talks this through and do come to the conclusion that steam is the better option. Sure aoe2hd hasnt been a huge success but thats not steams fault, the game is too outdated in many peoples eyes and people have moved over to sc2 or completely different games like dota, csgo, lol etc. AoE2hd woulda have 100 users if sold on microsoft store.

            Sry for my Englando, its my third language but to say its not a big loss selling on microsoft store instead of steam was just stupid. Not my meaning to insult you or anything but it truly would have and will be a disaster if theyre using anything other than steam, which atleast has some form of aoc/aofe community.

          • nightknight

            just because u like to suck valves stick doesn’t mean that everyone does there is biliona of ppls on earth so shake up

          • I don’t think it is stupid at all. Launching it on the Windows Store only was a good decision. I already pre ordered it.

            It is not that difficult to just go and get it on the Windows Store instead of Steam.

          • Ender emy

            yes big loss, not every user has win10, I mean we played aoE in winxp my friends play it on win7 and I play Rise of The Rajas on win8
            Actually I know of no one that plays it on win10…anyways I don’t think every win10 user would buy it and I don’t think the majority of the AoE players play on win10

      • Spoilofthelamb

        Just open steam and click “add non-steam game” to add it to your library list.
        It makes sense for Microsoft to keep AOE: DE exclusive to their own platform to increase user base. Valve does the same with their content.

        • Yes I agree here.

        • Ry22

          at least make it playable on other windows like windows 8 and 8.1 aswell if they really need to be that picky.. they are still fairly new, there is no reason it should be “windows 10 exclusive”

    • Dickson

      Major disappointment.

    • Dave

      Ah. Yeah, I’m not buying it from the WS. If it comes to Steam I’ll buy it.

      • Why?

        • Dave

          Because of Windows Store limitations, and because of Microsoft’s terrible record for support services and products long-term.

          When Games for Windows Live didn’t do as well as Microsoft hoped, Microsoft just abruptly dumped the service, screwing over tons of people who could no longer access and play their games.

          Microsoft has said for many years that they’re making PC gaming a priority, but they’ve never done anything to live up to those words.

          Microsoft’s treatment of customers and Windows license owners regarding Windows 10 and its deceptive forced upgrade scheme was an atrocity.

          Basically, Microsoft has no credibility, and no positive reputation – and has a long-established negative reputation for being unreliable, disregarding of people and their owned products.

          Since the only thing that Microsoft cares about is money, it is almost certain that AoER will be released on Steam a bit later – because Microsoft is going to want to get the 60%+ of sales that they’re not going to get as long as AoER is only available from the WS.

          • I don’t think it is needed for it to be on Steam. People can just simply go and buy it from the Windows Store.

            People should just stop being lazy and get it on the Windows Store.

            I’ve had no problems with Microsoft or the Windows Store so far. Everything just works perfectly.

            I can also still play my Halo 2 game on my PC that was on Windows Live.

          • Dave

            I wouldn’t put money in the Windows Store after Microsoft proved that they’ll just drop support and access to a service once they don’t care about. I lost access to multiple GFWL games when Microsoft shut that service down – and Microsoft only re-started it years after because they were starting the Windows Store and they knew that no gamers would touch anything new from Microsoft due to how Microsoft screwed over gamers with GFWL. Restarting the GFWL servers was done to bait those people back to being willing to buy something from a Microsoft game service.

            It’s not a matter of being lazy, but of being smart with one’s money, and of having the self-respect to not be taken for a fool over and over. Also, Windows Store is a vastly inferior service to Steam, and with there being so many games available already, people don’t really have to make concessions in where they go to buy their games – they’ll just play another game that can be bought from the service they like to use. And a lot of people don’t like to scatter their games across many services, too.

            It will come to Steam, eventually. Microsoft is a heavily tainted brand in the view of many gamers, and Microsoft will want those 50% + of sales that they’ll never get through the Windows Store.

          • Ry22

            lets also hope it comes to other windows too because not every one (including me) are on lower versions im on windows 8 and im happy with it i don’t want windows 10 because i don’t like some of the things thats on it, such as Microsoft tacking things and whatever else is on it. and some things not working on it

    • Tran Dustin

      Bullshit. What is the problem with Windows Store? Its fully functional, If you cannot get a copy on windows store then get lost no one cares

      • Ender emy

        not everybody has win10 -.-” gosh are you all really that blind?

        • lasbrujaz

          lemme check how much people are using win10 from Steam

          oh 51%


        • Tran Dustin

          Then fucking go get one. What’s your prob?

    • fil mihaylov

      so you whats the different actually for you if you will buy it from steam or windows store, I personally prefer windows store

      • Ender emy

        the difference is that not everybody can use it because not everybody has win10
        But everybody could buy it from steam or gog

      • Yeah I also prefer the Windows Store.

  • Simone Evig Mørke Romano

    Release it on steam and/or gog please

    • Txus Di Fellatio

      gog please

    • smitske10

      confirmed windows store exclusive by MS studio.

    • Just buy it on the Windows Store.

  • Rilind Bicaj
  • Francisco Tapia

    wololoo i love aoe 1

  • Aldo Fregoso

    I really got excited about this remaster, but I felt uneasy with the graphics, something looked wrong, after pausing the video and looking at the details I figured out that there is no blood, the corpses look like mannequins in the remastered version… Why? Most of us played AoE when we were kids, and I can assure you none of us turned into psychopaths as the media is trying to convey. Please don’t ruin the game for the sake of Political Correctness…

    • Hey Aldo! There will be blood at release. We are currently in beta and still polishing the game. Adding blood to the corpses is something we will do after we have completely finished the unit graphics.

      • Watdoejeeraan

        Let hope so because if we look at the post release support of some games, its BAD.

      • Michael

        Hey can you release this on Steam… PLEASE…
        Because Windows Store is very hard to use when you are in JAPAN… It will automatically change language to JAPANESE, instead of ENGLISH. Therefore very useless for FOREIGNERS leaving in JAPAN.
        MS thought it is smart to automatically set language by region, they did not consider FOREIGNERS leaving in JAPAN…
        UNLIKE Steam always in ENGLISH.

        I will definitely buy this on STEAM otherwise no.

        • Fernando Gómez

          I have this language problem every other day. I curse Microsoft’s “Our customers are too stupid to know more than one language” mantra on a regular basis…

        • Kastrenzo

          they’ve probably signed over an exclusive deal with microsoft, that they can’t back out of because microsoft…

          • There is no “exclusive deal” to be signed: Age of Empires is an intellectual property owned by Microsoft, and Microsoft Studios is funding and publishing the game. They’re releasing it in their Store because, like every other company, they want to promote their own Store. It’s so bizarre to me that people criticize Microsoft for doing this while weirdly supporting Valve’s Steam monopoly.

      • baitlandia

        Good to hear! I sincerely hope you will touch up the textures to make them more vibrant and sharper, as well as sharper shadows. The game is looking great otherwise but these three aspects make the graphic comparison somewhat lackluster. Godspeed in development!

      • Nosferatu666

        I am so glad you said this!!! … NEED MOAR BLOD… IGOR!

      • Nosferatu666

        The newest AoE DE trailer from Gamescom 2017 shows some really nice blood. IT flows… Igor. IT FLOAARRRSS!!!

      • It’s just me or the remastered edition looks-like that is more difficult to dodge an arrow than in the original game?

  • smitske10

    Dont butcher this like AoM EE please.

  • Zionnach

    This game needs market and CARTS.
    Hope you make this possible.

    • Thor

      there was no carts and markets in the first game, this is just a remastered not a new game

    • Trương Hưng

      If there is no market, this will still be a bad game no matter how good the updated graphic is.

  • McShave07

    Windows store, son of a bitc……

  • Hanif NA

    Waiting on steam..