It’s that time again when we proudly welcome a Heavy Transport’s worth of new Age of Empires: Definitive Edition improvements! So please chant along with your best wololo for Update 10!

Update 10 comes packed full of fixes and features: including new Elo and ranked play options, an in-game global queue to keep track of all the units and techs across your town, numerous improvements to the AI and decision-making of computer-controlled teams, and much, much more! Be sure to read through the list below to stay ahead of your enemies.

Remember that you’ll need update your game in the Windows Store:

  1. Open the Windows Store.
  2. Click the [ ∙ ∙ ∙ ] symbol next to your profile picture.
  3. Select Downloads and updates.
  4. Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  5. Open the game. The title screen should read Build 22960.

That’s it; you’re ready to play!

We hope you enjoy everything we’ve included in this latest update! Feel free to post your initial thoughts below, or join in to the full discussion over on the official forum!



  • New Elo and ‘Ranked’ game modes have been added. Play against other players to improve your rating on the multiplayer battlefield!


Update 10 introduces several advancements to individual unit AI, as well as to the tactical capabilities of your computer-controlled opponents. All of this is to provide more precise control and greater challenges on the battlefield.

  • AI units will more reliably navigate through narrow spaces
  • Improved the reliability of units as they path around obstacles
  • Units will now group up more effectively to reach their targets
  • AI-controlled soldiers will now prioritize defending against assaults on their town
  • AI-controlled villagers can now choose between defending against or fleeing from enemy aggressors
  • Fixed an issue where AI-controlled teams would build excessive amounts of storage pits
  • Fixed an issue where AI-controlled teams would not immediately task an available villager to the foundation of a newly placed building
  • Computer-controlled opponents will now utilize more effective strategies on higher difficulty levels
  • Added several new AI strategies and improved the computer’s ability to employ different battlefield tactics
  • The AI economy has been substantially improved, and now adjusts to the difficulty level and population cap more effectively
  • AI-controlled opponents are now more aggressive on “Deathmatch” type games
  • Elephants now properly chase villagers when attacked under all circumstances
  • Scouts now only auto-attack if they’ve been tasked to attack, or when attacked by a non-gaia unit (i.e. soldiers, archers, cavalry from another civilization)


  • Made several improvements to the local performance of the game
  • Roll-over tooltips no longer impact the game’s performance on lower-end machines
  • Improved the loading time of the tech tree
  • Implemented several small bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Added a new Global Queue to see all currently queued techs and units
  • Increased the maximum zoom level of the camera in multiplayer matches
  • Added a parallax effect to the main menu


  • Egyptian houses now have a unique skin in the Tool Age
  • Elephant Archer: Fixed a broken death animation


Several new Xbox Live achievements have been added to test your skills! You can view the full list of challenges as well as your progress by signing into your Xbox account page.