Open rushing map (Arabia style) with a standard set of resources. Small lakes are scattered around all over the map and provide little fish.

Land of Lakes

Semi-closed water map. Galley rushing can prove fatal on the wrong lake, and fishing on the right one can mean a great boost for your economy. Rather easy to wall, but transports are possible from all sides.


Players start in their little hideout camp in the forest. You’ll have to break free to conquer your foes.


A spiced up version of your everyday map, starting with two town centers.


Nomadic map, players start out with a few yurts and 3 extra villagers. An abundance of hunt wanders on the plains in the center of the map.


Semi-open map. A dried up river runs through the middle, with herds of deer trying to drink from the last puddles that run along the sandy shore. If you want to hunt, you’ll have to go there. But you won’t be alone…

Hill Fort

Fortress type map, players start on a hill together with their teammates. Can you take over your opponents hill or will they make it impenetrable?


Open map, players start clumped together with their teammates. Good coordination between team mates seems more vital than ever to rule these Northern Italian lands. Divide et Impera!


Extremely open map, players start on a hill that is impossible to wall. They must come off their hill to gather resources in the carnage below. They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is…

Golden Pit

Variation of Gold Rush. A pit in the center of the map contains large mining reserves. However, protecting the pit means you have to fight uphill. Hill advantage or gold to spend, the choice is yours to make. (Incredible map for FFA – Free For All games)


It can be anything!