Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms

Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms; the second new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 16 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, ships and technologies. Fight your way through the African continent with four campaigns and obliterate your opponents with a fresh batch of units under your command!


Four brand new civilizations that shaped the history of medieval Africa!

Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms - Big Malian Battle

  • Berbers – Unite the tribes of Northern Africa and set sail for Europe. Can you hold your ground against the scrambled kingdoms of Iberia?
  • Malians – Follow in the footsteps of the great Mansa Musa and become the greatest king of Western Africa.
  • Ethiopians – Relive the glory of the once mighty Aksumite empire and rule over the Red Sea.
  • Portuguese – Set sail for the new world, discover new routes to unknown lands and expand your trade routes to the mighty African empires.


Four brand new campaigns, featuring all four new civilizations!

Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms - Campaign Screen

  • Tariq ibn Ziyad
  • Sundjata
  • Francisco de Almeida
  • Yodit


  • 4 new civilizations
  • 4 new campaigns
  • Improved AI
  • 10 new Special Maps
  • 8 new Real World Maps
  • 5 new Random Maps
  • 10 new terrains
  • Sudden Death mode
  • New generic units & technologies
  • Countless balance adjustments. (Complete changelog)
  • Many new scenario editor objects.
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Jerrod Fenske

That’s right, I found it.


Im not supposed to be here, now am i?

Drake of 5D

wonder what the sudden death mode is 😕


Judging from the video: Lose your starting TC, lose the game. (Maybe also a limitation to 1 TC? Who knows.)

Drake of 5D

we will find out soon:D, only 2 more days of suffering without AOAK!

Drake of 5D

you are right mate!


Portuguese link not working 🙁 This expansion looks fantastic so far.


Will be made public tomorrow morning 🙂


New Zealand morning? 😉


To be completely honest, whenever I get out of bed and had breakfast 😀

Blaz Kelbl

Then go to bed ASAP.


Is it portuguese o’clock already? o_O

Jorge Lappas

i really tried to hack u and see the portuguese civ, but i failed! haha :disqus

Sander Perón

Hi :disqus, did you change the architecture for Byzantines and Spain to mediterranean? Answer is appreciated!


Nope, we’re not messing with the original civs like that =)

Sander Perón

Aw, that’s odd. There has been a mod for The Forgotten, but the author said it’s no longer possible to do that. Any chance to get that back for modding at last?

E. Oas

Sorry and khmer (Indo chinese) anangu(australian) sioux and iroquies (north america) its posible for the next expansion????

PMar Project

AOE2 is about grand medieval empires, so only the Khmer make sense, but even then they would have to create an entire architecture set for just a single civ and that’s not fair or practical. Also the Sioux and Iroquois are already featured in an AOE game. I understand that they’re interesting cultures but people have got to stop requesting things that wouldn’t make sense in AOE2. Next expansion should be done with the current architectures or with whatever civs the original Ensemble team wanted to do. The whole reason behind the FE and AK civs were because the original… Read more »

E. Oas

oh ok, no problem thanks for the answer


Kmer, Indonesians, more African civs, and maybe some more Asian civs would be a nice idea.

Russell Jackson

The Iroquois league may have been founded as early as the tenth century. Maybe not a grand empire, but I can think of two such medieval nations in North America that WOULD fit the bill: Cahokia and the Anasazi. Would be fascinating to see either included.


Humm not really. Not every civ even in the first Aoe2 (AoK) managed to build great medieval empires…


Cysion, it was said in the beginning that there would be terrains that affect units. I’ve never seen it since, is this idea abandoned? If so, why?


cracked dirt is the weakest terrain for buildings, no info yet on how it varies between grass, stone paving (expect to be strongest), desert


I just starting playing this game a week ago, and new expansion now? This is great!


same here I tried many times it doesn’t work 🙁


what is that not working?

Ruben Allen

Portuguese are great!


Hope theres a feature to rotate for gate, so i dont need to make a wall first.


Be nice if they fix gates taking more than twice as long to build if they’re facing the wrong direction and not being considered “fortifications”.

Paweł Małecki

But… does that mean no changes to Mediterranean buildings?

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