Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas

Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The Rise of the Rajas; the third new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 17 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, technologies, and build your empire on both water and land. Guide history’s greatest heroes in Southeast Asia through four additional campaigns and conquer your foes with mighty hordes of elephants under your command!



Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas features 4 brand new civilizations that vied for power in Southeast Asia. Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas - Massive Burmese town

  • Burmese Ascend to power, quash a treacherous rebellion, and restore the Burmese monarchy to its former glory.
  • Khmer – Construct the largest religious monument in the world and amass an immortal army of devastating siege weapons.
  • Malay – Rebuild the largest thalassocracy to ever exist. Leave your mark on the region while hopping from island to island and rule the Southeast Asian archipelago.
  • Vietnamese – Lead your people to independence and wage guerrilla warfare with an extremely powerful arsenal of ranged units.


Four brand new campaigns, featuring all four new civilizations! Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas Campaign Screen

  • Gajah Mada
  • Suryavarman I
  • Bayinnaung
  • Le Loi


  • 4 new civilizations
  • 4 new campaigns
  • Improved AI
  • 5 new Special Maps
  • 5 new Real World Maps
  • 5 new Random Maps
  • 13 new terrains
  • Countless balance adjustments (Complete changelog)
  • Many new scenario editor objects
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Diego A. Gtz

The only thing left is to re-skin all military units to make them look like they actually are from their respective civs

Aztec champions that actually look like aztec warriors and so on and so forth


Is anybody else’s battle elephants auto upgrading to elite??? lol


These are some of the civilizations that have been missing from the prior Forgotten expansions…!

I have been mentioning them to friends for years, that they should be added as well…!

Now they have been — big big thanks for this new expansion! 🙂


This has been a great addition… Torn between Vietnamese and Malay as fav civs for rajas. I love Malay’s spam ability and harbor upgrade… But I’m an archer fan at heart plus imperial skirms, fun stuff 🙂


Hello. Congratulations for the team of FE. You’re doing such a good work. These expansions make AOEII bigger than it was already. I have some ideas for improve still more the next expansions. Maybe they end up being included. New Civ: Polinesian. The game has cultures from almost the whole world but I miss some from the Pacific Ocean and Oceania. I would be great to add these exotic civilizations. Terrain: new features for the scenario editor like volcanic land, black sand beach or even lava river. Change the appareance of the monks depends on the civilization as it already… Read more »


Please fix the zoomed in problem for laptops.

Leonardo Rafael

Hey guys! Any news or deadline to correction patch for AoE II HD and all DLCs? Really want to keep playing the campaings. Eagerly wating for the patch! Thanks for all yor work and amazing ideias!


Ideas for the next dlc (I can’t imagine not having another one!): Civilizations: Tibetan, Jurchen, Dutch, Swiss. Tibetan could have ldobldobpa (warrior monk) and zimchongpa (heavy spearman) as unique units, jurchen could have a heavily armored horseman, and swiss could have reisläufer (heavy halberdier). I don’t know yet about dutch…I’m sure many people have ideas…

Spring Qiu

Tibetan UU should have monk UU but not infantry UU. Tibetans were famous for their cavalry in their history. According to Chinese history, in 10th-12th century, one branch of Tibetans, Tanguts (the origin of “Tibet” in European language) invented camel-loaded trebuchets.


I didn’t know that. But camels in the Himalaya? They probably didn’t live there yet. Maybe this kind of unit could do:

Nguyễn Quốc Huy

Tại sao Frank không có Hussar, trong khi thực tế kỵ binh của họ rất mạnh mẽ? Tôi hy vọng phiên bản kế tiếp Franks sẽ có thể nâng cấp Light Cavalry thành Hussar. Xin cảm ơn rất nhiều.

Nghệ Sĩ Backturn

Tôi nghĩ các bạn nên giảm sức tấn công của Nhật Bản bằng việc loại bỏ tốc độ đánh của họ và thay vào đó là gia tăng tốc độ di chuyển cho họ, giống như Yamato của AOE I. Xin cảm ơn.