Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas

Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The Rise of the Rajas; the third new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 17 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, technologies, and build your empire on both water and land. Guide history’s greatest heroes in Southeast Asia through four additional campaigns and conquer your foes with mighty hordes of elephants under your command!


  • Burmese Ascend to power, quash a treacherous rebellion, and restore the Burmese monarchy to its former glory.
  • Khmer – Construct the largest religious monument in the world and amass an immortal army of devastating siege weapons.
  • Malay – Rebuild the largest thalassocracy to ever exist. Leave your mark on the region while hopping from island to island and rule the Southeast Asian archipelago.
  • Vietnamese – Lead your people to independence and wage guerrilla warfare with an extremely powerful arsenal of ranged units.

  • Gajah Mada
  • Suryavarman I
  • Bayinnaung
  • Le Loi

  • 4 new civilizations
  • 4 new campaigns
  • Improved AI
  • 5 new Special Maps
  • 5 new Real World Maps
  • 5 new Random Maps
  • 13 new terrains
  • Countless balance adjustments (Specific Rise of the Rajas changelog|Complete changelog)
  • Many new scenario editor objects

Let us know what  you think of the expansion once it’s out!

A very special word of thank to all the people who have helped us on this project! The full credits can be accessed here.

  • Alfredo

    Bummer. Was expecting Kingdom of Tondo or Sulu Sultanate to be included, but yeah, they’re Malay as well but entirely distinct. Can’t wait for the DLC!

  • Ugi Sugiarto

    i’m excited and waiting for this update

  • GriN

    It is great news! I wish that this will attract more players in game and more official tournaments will be created soon.
    But what about Observer mod and multiplayer lobby? This things are very important for AoE 2.
    Are you going to improve them and make it looks like and

  • HarralGamer

    People really need to stop complaining about this new expansion (e.g not enough civs, wrong historic stuff in campaigns etc)

    Guys, you need to realize how much time and effort the Forgotten Empires team puts into this game, whether it be new expansions to keep the game fresh and alive or balance changes to keep fair and flowing.

    This new expansion looks awesome. We’ve been asking for South Asian expansion pack for countless years and thats what we exactly got.

    If some historic accepts are not accurate or there are not enough civs, then remember this is a game guys and we cant expect perfection is every thing straight away. Perhaps later on more civs will be added.

    Bottom line is, be grateful for what the developers have done at keeping Age of Empires alive and kicking.

    • Kathathorn Ton Phatanaphirom

      I very much appreciate and is grateful for the Forgotten Empires team’s effort put into this expansion pack. That doesn’t mean though that they’re 100% immune to criticism. There will always be complain but I’m sure most if not all of us here loves Age of Empires and would like it to be even better.

      What worries me though, is that all expansion pack so far has only one chance to get it right, they never added any civs through a patch nor made any major amendments to the implemented civs so it’s understandable that some people are very much concerned about civs not being included or being included in a very wrong/weird way.

      Again, I love FE’s team for their focus on Southeast Asian civs. However, I think constructive criticism that could make the game better is valid and should not be shot down. I’m more worried about negativity that adds nothing. (omg this sucks, omg forgettable civs, omg civs that I don’t care)

      • bennyboybrit

        Agreed. Having a tournament showing off the new expansion does show the devs have faith in their work, you’d think they’d solved the beta patch before displaying it.

    • bennyboybrit

      Agreed! Very excited! I think most will agree it’s better than no support for aoe, and these expansions have brought better ai and will promote development and bug fixes as the community expands. African kingdoms also had 4 civs. This expansion definitely is the best aesthetically, will add new strategy and diversity

    • Bala Arizalu Putra Dinar

      For issues of historical accuracy, why FE team not to invite people or representatives in each Civilization to discuss, why FE not discuss with people who are familiar with their own people, I just was not satisfied at the Gajah Mada, he is Mahapatih (minister) of Majapahit kingdom who are in Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java. But he fought on Sulawesi Island ?. If the reason is because it adapts to map campaign, why not created two pieces of paper campaign, I mean for Indonesia map created in his own paper, and stacked on a paper map of south east asia. Gajah Mada so tokbol campaign can be placed on the island of Java.
      If the terms of UI and Architecture displayed when using Malay, it is more prominent to the Javanese not Malay, In Indonesia, Malay refers to the tribes living in Sumatra, Malaysia, most of Borneo. although in theory, Javanese people are Malays who migrated to Java, or so-called “Deutero Malay” or Young Malay.

      • HarralGamer

        Again, its a game bro. We cant expect perfection in everything right away.

        Let the game come out, maybe some of your issues will be resolved by then.

        Instead of counting their errors look at all the good they’ve put into it 🙂

        • Maulana Mubarak

          when the player doesn’t know about the truth of history (place,time,name), the effects is like you share some a lies to public.

          and when the player make a review about this game, and upload this to YT, and some of them give a negative reacts because he/she said the wrong history,

          where he/she get the story ? < This Game

          • Apokrita

            Easy. Because this is game. The main purpose of the game is to entertain, not to educate with 100% accuracy. If someone wants to learn & understand real-world history, he/she should pick history book & documentary instead of game.

            Plus, gameplay balance > historical accuracy.

          • Rizki Dhifan

            Why not both? Screw these dumbass dev..

          • Apokrita

            Easier to said than done. If everything has to be 100% accurate, the Meso-American civs will not possess War Galley & Fire Ships line, Malians will have no access to gunpowder units, Saracens will have Zealot Camel + strong Knight line, Chinese will have access to all regular unit (except Eagle line), etc.

            That will make certain civs become underused / overused & there’s no point anymore to put a lot of civs in one game. If you regulary play againt other player / watch pros fighting against each other, you’ll see what I mean about gameplay balance.

          • Funny, because Malay civs was added and there are not Malay history on the game.Well it is not about the game accurancy, what i read on AOE history book was different in the game.

            The History of Vietnamese, Burmese and Khmer were accurate, but the Malay seems not, because all comment i saw are disappointment about the wrong civs. The History

          • Apokrita

            Of course you won’t. Because the “Malay” word used in this game means “people living in the Malay Archipelago”. The term Malay Archipelago itself is rarely used in Indonesia (Indonesians either use Indonesia / Nusantara to refer the same archipelago). And if you’re asking why the dev didn’t use those words, the reason is same about why Aztecs isn’t named as Nahua, Koreans isn’t named as Choson, Japanese isn’t named as Nihong, etc. The dev are just using the internationally familiar name.

            Another reason why a lot of Indonesians got mad is because many Indonesians dislike Malaysia for various reasons (but mostly because they think Malaysia steal their culture). So when they see Gajah Mada is featured in Malay civ, they thought that the dev try to portray Gajah Mada as Malaysian-based figure. And I guess you’re one of them?

          • So like was i say in the other comment, What Indonesian people thinking that Malay is Malaysian only, but Malay that AOE means “Melayu” (the archipelago you said)

            Indonesian word not used, neither Malaysians and Brunei, these countries also living on the malay archipelago. This is not about countries. And Malay (Melayu) was not a familiar name after all. They using it so that countries living on that archipelago.

            If AOE made Malay means Malaysians, not just Indonesian people who mad but also Malaysians people. What am i doing now to stop those Indonesian for complaining the misunderstanding. This is nothing to do with countries.

          • Afiq Ideris

            I’m malaysian and I’m not even mad. I don’t even understand why Indonesian feels like they are not part of Malay heritage when we classified ourself as Nusantara. And i really like this touch so much. when i first saw the kerambit warrior with like, 5 damage i was like lol that is so true haha. well done guys thank you for making part of my childhood memory dreams come true. Now I’m looking forward for other old games to be brought back to life. Thank you so much

          • Hernan Ladino

            Gajah Madah was the prime Minister of the queen of Mahapajit, a kingdom in the Indonesian archipelago, the Indonesian people are not Malayan, but they speak Indonesian which is a variety of Malayan, it’s like a dialect… On the other hand the Sumatran people and a minority of Javanese people are direct descendants of Malayan colonizers which came to the archipelago

        • Kevin

          I wont buy it, ever, if its a broken piece of crap. Too many devs do this, and never fix them. Money first, fix later. Long as its your money and not mine.

      • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

        It’s malay because the archipelago are called malay archipelago. no one cares what the term indonesian used, it’s the term used internationally that matters.

        • Lol, I never heard about malay archipelago on javanese. But you got the point, what AOE means actually Malay “Melayu” Not Malaysia, lol

    • KhongSoVo

      The main purpose that I post a comment about the inaccuracies is that I don’t want everyone else has a misunderstanding about Vietnamese culture.
      There is no need to ask the Dev Team to change their plan.

      • tempires

        inaccuracies like? can’t see your post now but before i saw something about architecture at least. I think current architecture is ok as we don’t want put old architecture for them nor make new one for just one civ, maybe someone will make more accurate architecture. also historically wrong architecture doesn’t mean it’s bad. this is game not real life, + Vietnamese location is pretty same as other civ’s so good reason for same architecture

        • Pourquoi

          Excuse me?

          “we don’t want put old architecture for them”

          If I remember correctly FE only used the new African architecture for 2 out of 4 civs in AK. Apparently it’s fine to use the new but inappropriate Indian architecture style for the Vietnamese since you don’t want to reuse old styles, but it’s NOT fine to do the same thing with the African architecture for the Berbers (or, God forbid, the Portuguese).

          Your argument is invalid.

          Historical inaccuracies sometimes have to be sacrificed for playability, that much all of us is aware of. But what irks us it that: the accurate architecture is already in the game used by the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, and fixing the architecture does not hurt the gameplay in any way.

          • Steven W.

            I agree, it is certainly odd how the Berbers didn’t get the African architecture (because it was argued that they are under Middle Eastern influence), but the Vietnamese do get the new South Asian architecture (although they are under Chinese influence). It seems inconsistent. I’d be interested in hearing the reasoning of the developers.

            Another thing that still needs fixing is when the appropriate architecture was added LATER than the civ, but the civ was never changed. It’s odd that the Spanish still have the same architecture as the British, although their neighboring countries Italy and Portugal have the Mediterranean one. And the Huns who came from the east and settled in Eastern Europe (not Central Europe!) should arguably receive the Slavic architecture. I think these cases are pretty clear, other cases are less obvious and open to debate.

    • BrendBroman

      I appreciate this new expansion so much. Though probably just because my race is included in there so I am extremely happy. But although I don’t really agree with teh Malay architechture because of historical reasons, but it’s a very good expansion from what I see. The Kerambit Warrior seems good, and even the Rattan Archer and the Balista Elephant. And yes, we’ve been asking for the South Asian expansion pack for years and we should be happy with what we have, no matter how bad they make it.

      • Loney69

        just one small thing they miss the castle…it supposed to be horizontal not square

    • Fornix

      The history may only 65% complete, but still the game is still very good and accurate. The story of the game is completely right it just the civs problem that makes every one mad. If they want to read the real history they can search on google or something. What im afraid is the people that people who really dissapointed about the civs and history.

      The game is very good, FE is doing great, and everything will work just fine. My opinion to stop those haters complaining is just add one more civilizations. Thank you FE for this cool expansion.

      And for those who doesn’t like the wrong history, have fun and chill out. I know lots about THAT civs that you want, the island and the story have made perfectly, you could just change the name of that civs you don’t like into the civs that you want

    • Neky Choi

      I think especially Asians complain about how many the game has misconceptions or wrongs of history in the game. I’ve seen some people on web from many countries, what I found out is, especially(at least what I have seen and in my opinion from that) Koreans stick to pick out those wrong points about history in AOE series…

      I’m not sure of it but, I think this is why many historic games don’t contain Korea. At least at my sight, this can be.

      Anyway, I love FE teams for your efforts! (clap clap)

  • Rizki Dhifan

    I pray that my fellow wkwkwk army go easy on you guys.. I mean, Oh boy, Gajah Mada of the Malay faction, heehee

    But seriously, great work, I like seeing what I’ve seen so far. I know for my own experience that modding aint easy, so best of luck!

  • Steven W.

    For the love of god, please change the roof tile colour from orange to black/dark grey.

    I’ve had a look at the screenshots on Steam. The new architecture appears to be the least relaxing of all architecture sets; it’s not easy on the eye, but rather restless because of the many intricate details. Please add some calm by turning the roofs black. Besides the point that it would “calm” the eye (because of a reduced colour contrast), it would also be esthetically much more pleasing.

    Orange on sand color? Seriously…
    I’d rather keep the Indian architecture that was made by a community member in the last year.

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      Your complaint is nonsensical actually the Forgotten team had that architecture style right

      • Steven W.

        Did you even read my argumentation? I never claimed that my suggestion would be more historically accurate than the design from the Forgotten team. All I’m saying is that it looks bad as it is. There is nothing “nonsensical” about posting an opinion.

        • Cesar Ibarra

          Ignore that guy. He’s just here to be a troll.

  • Alguien

    “Malay – Rebuild the largest thalassocracy to ever
    exist. Leave your mark on the region while hopping from island to island
    and rule the Southeast Asian archipelago.”

    A very lost opportunity for Polynesians.

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      well considering the size of the indonesian islands the description is accurate. I still want a Polynesian faction in Age of Empires 2, ( maybe inspired by the tongan empire the maori and the Rapa nui civilization) Polynesians are still the greatests sailors and navigators of history.

  • Tomcelmare

    Dear Forgotten Empires team,

    First of all I want to thank you for this DLC, you’re litterally make one of my dreams true!

    Then, I want to ask you if there will be separate files for the byzantine graphics, the hun, and the mongol ones, as asked by many modders? It would help making a unique architecture for civilizations that can’t be compared to their regional rivals in terms of architecture and culture. Furthermore, have you considered giving new missionaries for non western civs? I mean the meso civs have already their own priests, especially made for them in the conquerors expansion, so why not giving imams to middle eastern civs (except byzantines) and brahmins or buddhist monks for asian ones? The graphics are already in your files, and used in campaigns, so the next dlc would be a good opportunity to integrate them.

    The same could be told for other graphics that are only editor objects, like nordic and eastern swordmen. The latter could definitely replace champions for the south asian civs, and India.

    Thank you for your answer!

  • Mohammed Hassan Al

    It would be better if you change malay to Austronesian. The term of Austronesian fit better to describe the civilization in the malay peninsula, Indonesian and Philippines archipelago. the term of malay just covered the civilization in the malay peninsula and few islands near malay peninsula.
    Hope you change that for the sake of history, culture and the people who make that culture and history.

    • Bala Arizalu Putra Dinar

      Austronesian with views of Java?

    • Apokrita

      Malay = people who live in Malay Archipelago, regardless of their ethnicity

      I think that’s the logic of the dev team when picking & naming this new civ. They’re using the geographical approach, so they can pick any dominant cultural aspects from kingdoms in the region to decide the civ’s gameplay speciality.

    • Carlos Antonio Buerba Huerta

      you are wrong Austronesians is in fact a widely group of people that also includes, melanesians polynesians and micronesians so not as those are very distinctive cultures that deserve their own expansion in a possible future DLC. Also Malay is accurate as a civilization so not.

    • Rizki Dhifan

      no, austronesian is as bad as “””’malay”””””
      just pick Nusantara or Java.
      “B-but, nobody knows what that was!”
      tough luck. Hit the books you people.

      • Apokrita

        Nah. The Malay word is accurate enough if their definition is “people living on Malay Archipelago”. It is also internationally more familiar. Nusantara is actually a very subjective word because it was first mentioned in Majapahit-centrist Negarakertagama to show how vast the Majapahit territory was. But the problem is, there’s little to no physical evidence (temple / candi primarily) & written sources from those so-called conquered territory about whether Majapahit actual territory was that big (reaching Borneo, eastern part of Indo, etc).

        If they pick Java for the new civ, the scope will be too limited because the civ is supposed to represent the archipelago part of Southeast Asia (the other 3 are representing eastern, central, & western mainland of SEA respectively). And the unique unit shouldn’t be Karambit, because kerambit was originally from northern part of Sumatera. Even thought it was later spread to other islands.

    • Reza Pahlevi

      Malay is accurate enough for a civilization who live in maritime SEA.

  • Spring Qiu

    The new DLC has fitted my previous suggestion that the FE team would develop new mods about Southeastern Asian civilizations featuring battle elephants from stables. However, I think Indian should produce Battle Elephants in stables, as well as the architecture style shifted from Middle East held by Persians, Saracen, Turks, Byzantines (I think Byzantines should be changed into Mediterranean architecture styles instead of Middle East) to South Asian which four new civilizations owned (also Vietnamese architecture style should belong to East Asian because Vietnam is in the East Asian cultural sphere sharing cultural similarities with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese instead of other Southeastern Asian Indianized people (Burmese, Thai, Khmer, and Pre-islamized Malay)
    Also, Persian Unique Unit, War Elephant, should be replaced by other elite military units historically, like Savarans mentioned in FE campaign Bukhara.

    • Pham Henry

      I agree, Vietnamese architecture style belongs to East Asian sphere like Chinese, Korean. It is disappointed for Vietnamese gamer

      • DragonsKin

        Or maybe they could just make every Civ’s individual architecture style moddable, there’s already a lot of mods designed for a specific civ’s style, they just replace the style for all Civ’s that use the same architecture. Indians are the only ones currently that don’t technically use the same style as any other civilization, so they are moddable individually.