• Elite War Wagon – Fix armour Class 28 ‘Cavalry Archers’ (Class 0 for all civs except Gaia)
  • Base Genitours – Fix armour Class 28 ‘Cavalry Archers’
  • Base Caravels – Fix armour Class 19 ‘Unique Units’
  • Camel Archers get anti-spearmen bonus (0 attack against spearmen), so Parthian Tactics could properly affect Camel Archers of other civs, like Saracen Camel archers in the first scenario of Berber campaign.
  • Camels – Fix attack vs. Class 30 ‘HD Camels’ (is vs. Class 0 for all civs except Gaia)
  • Eagles – Fix attack vs. Class 30 ‘HD Camels’
  • Eastern and Nordic Swordsmen – Fix attack vs. Class 21 ‘Standard Buildings’ (is vs. Class 0 for all civs except Gaia)
  • Kamayuk now do +20 damage to Elephant type units
  • Trade Cogs now turn instantly when returning from a dock
  • Trade Carts now have a smaller collision radius (less blockages on trade routes)
  • Yasama now fires 1 arrow less (down from 3 to 2)
  • Genitours are now created faster when playing as the Aztecs
  • Kasbah is longer applied to the player researching it
  • Archer, Crossbowman, Arbalest – Fix attack Class 13 ‘Stone Defense’ (was previously only set for Gaia)
  • Fortified Walls take the same time to build as Stone Walls (both 10s now, previously 11s/10s)
  • Certain Gate orientations no longer construct faster than others (487&488)
  • Ethiopian Skirmishers no longer have an increased fire rate, only Foot Archers are affected.
  • Korean “Faster Fortification” bonus now properly affects Fortified Walls
  • Indian Camel Armor bonus incorrectly increased their now-defunct ship armor. Values removed.
  • Pavise no longer incorrectly applies to Skirmishers
  • Condottiero is now properly affected by the Malian armor bonus
  • Chieftains now properly affects Berserk damage vs Camels
  • Organ Gun is now properly affected by the Turkish team bonus
  • Persians no longer randomly use Saracen villager voices
  • Mayan Team bonus now affects all gate types & orientations
  • Guard Towers’ secondary arrows now do +2 attack instead of +1
  • Turtle Ship is now properly affected by the Turkish team bonus
  • Incas no longer get a starting llama when “All Techs” is enabled
  • Arrowslits now affects secondary arrows
  • Turtle Ships now receive bonus damage from Condottiero and Samurai
  • Condottiero now receive anti-cavalry bonus damage from Chieftains
  • Militia-line now receives anti-camel bonus damage from Chieftains
  • Repairing Town Center in the Dark Age no longer uses stone
  • Yeomen now affects the secondary arrows of towers.
  • Spanish, Huns, Mayans, Incas, Magyars, Slavs, Ethiopians, Malians monks now recharge faith at the same rate as other civs

Balance Changes


  • Arrowslits costs 250F 250W (increased from 150F 150W)
  • Arrowslits removed from the following civilizations: Ethiopians, Goths, Huns, Indians, Magyars, Malians, Mayans, Mongols, Persians, Portuguese, Slavs
  • Arrowslits moved to Imperial Age
  • Effect from Arrowslits reduced from 2/4/6 to 1/2/3
  • ESkirm upgrade costs 200W 100G (reduced from 250W 160G)
  • Husbandry costs 150F (reduced from 250F), research time reduced from 50s to 40s
  • Fire ships are now affected by Ballistics
  • Siege Tower costs 200W 160G (reduced from 300W 160G)
  • Acacia Trees are now worth 150W (increased from 100W)
  • Demolition Raft speed -0.1 (reduced from 1.6 to 1.5)
  • Fire Galley Pierce Armor reduced from 5 to 4
  • Demolition Raft no longer does full damage to its complete blast radius (damage increases based on proximity)
  • Demolition Raft blast radius increased from 1.5 to 2.5
  • Demolition Raft pierce armor reduced from 3 to 2
  • Demolition Raft HP reduced from 50 to 45


  • Military creation bonus (+16.5%) doesn’t apply to Monks.
  • Get Demolition Raft.


  • Cavalry discount staggered to -15/20% in Castle/Imperial
  • Receive Ring Archer Armor
  • Non-elite Genitours -1 attack, +1 range.


  • Greek Fire upgrade costs 250F 300G (instead of 250F 450G)


  • Upgraded scorpion projectile has 0.3 size.
  • (Elite) Shotel anti-building bonus reduced to 0/1 (down from 2/3)


  • Throwing Axeman (non-elite and elite) +10 HP


  • (Elite) Tarkans +1 pierce armor


  • Kamayuks +0.05 speed (same base speed as Samurais and Throwing Axemen)


  • Gunpowder discount increased to -20% (was -15%)
  • Fishing Ships cost -25W instead of having +2 LoS
  • Condottiero creation time increased from 11s to 16s
  • Genoese Crossbowman cost reduced from 50w, 50g to 45w, 45g


  • Get Treadmill Crane


  • Lose Halberdier
  • Wood bonus no longer affects farms
  • Elite Gbeto attack reduced from 14 to 13


  • Elite Mangudai frame delay increased from 0 to 5
  • (Elite) Mangudai receive their original anti-siege bonus


  • Persian War Elephant now does trample damage in the Castle Age


  • Feitoria now cost 250g, 250s (changed from 250g, 250w)
  • Feitoria production rates are now 0.8f, 0.8w, 0.45g, 0.25s (from 0.7f, 0.7w, 0.45g, 0.45s)
  • Arquebus now has a smaller effect on gunpowder units (Ballistics is still enabled but projectile speed modifier reduced by 75%)
  • (Elite) Organ Gun have 1 min range now
  • (Elite) Organ Gun lose -1 bonus attack vs infantry


  • Elite Mameluke missile delay increased to 5 (up from 0)


  • Boyar speed increased from 1.35 to 1.4


  • Team bonus for trade is 25% more gold instead of 33%.


  • Teutonic Knights speed increased to 0.7 (up from 0.65)


  • Gold miners work 20% faster (up from 15%).


  • Chieftains affect all infantry units.