Patch 1.2 next weekend

So, as a heads up, we will bring out patch 1.2 next weekend (9-10 February) (16-17 February).

The patch will include:

  • 4 extra translations (German, French, Japanese, Russian)
  • Unlimited resolutions
  • Extra scenarios
  • Optional 1000 pop limit
  • More AI possibilities
  • Return of the standard AI (optional)
  • Loads of bugfixes
  • Balance fixes
  • Many more…

Stay tuned, and don’t kill our web server this time 😀

  • KillerHawk

    i had already installed forgotten empires but when i play custom scenario an error is coming and i cannot continue the game. Pls help me… i have done re installation also.

    • Promiskuitiv

      Help us help you -> What is that error (message?) you’re getting?

      • Jaydev

        Probably something like AOFE has encountered a problem and needs to close?I had that and I reinstalled and the problem was fixed but the resolution probles I talked about popped up afer this.Maybe you have the same problem?

  • Jaydev

    I can’t see higher resolutions in the settings after I reinstalld it.Need help.

    • Jaydev

      Somehow fixed.This PC is a virus crop.