Official site launched!

We are proud to finally announce the official website of Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires. Here you can find the latest information, screenshots and videos on the upcoming fan-made expansion for the evergreen RTS we all love!

  • http://everydayghost everydayghost

    Site looks nice guys! If you need any help, I’m a web designer with pretty good WordPress knowledge, feel free to hit me up :)

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    Great site, great news!
    Cysion i would like to add banner to our community (, is it possible to send me the banner?

  • Antoine

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    • Cysion

      We’ll provide a banner if we have time to make one 😛

  • Zane

    When i found out about Forgotten Empires beeing made, i rapidly spread the word for this unbelievably awesome development! thank you for making my favourite RTS of the genre better and even having it revieved with more people to start playing it again. thank you for all your efforts with this project and this new side, since i hate and deny the use of facebook.