Language problems

We have received many reports of players that couldn’t install the game in their own language.

We’re not sure what is causing this bug at the moment, but here’s a small guide to fix it yourself:

  1. Download the correct language file from the zip file below
  2. Unzip the contents in your AoE2 folder, no need to move files around, it should put them in place automatically (it will ask to overwrite 6 files, allow this)
  3. Play the game!

Is your language not listed yet? Help us translate!

  • http://KAYZER KAYZER

    I request for work at translactions of AOFE, I will try Use Goldwave and see if it work, so I will start the Translaction with Alaric

  • Sephiroth88

    For the new release, the Italian language pach doesn’t work. There will be another patch for this problem or there il a solution?
    Thank you!

  • Sgracchioman

    I confirm that the Italian version does not work. The game is in English. You can release a working version?

  • Psychosophe


    I made the install with iso cds, set to 1.0c version, but the french pack doesn’t work, except for the history part :/ And, it seem that a big issue hasn’t been correct yed : forums shoot with a distance of 6 even after the blacksmith upgrades.

    By the way, I can help you if you want by translating the texts on your site in french, so you could have a french version too. More the languages you will have, more will be you audience too !

    Aurélien, Grenoble.

  • Chlodion

    I have a little pee-vee… It’s about your posted dates.
    We use a different format of dates around the world.
    So when I read 01/02, it may mean jan 02 or 1st of feb
    and the abscence of the year will lead you to eventual problems.
    So, why not do : 01 jan 2013 -fer instanz- ? :)
    It will be easier to read;
    thank you

  • DavidMoscoso

    Hola el juego esta en español pero las campañas esta en ingles y quisiera saber como arreglar o solucionar eso ayuda ?

  • WarthonJP

    I think after the release of parch 2.2 no language pack works, I feel someone should upload a new language pack for v2.2

    • Yan

      The language packs are 3 or 1 language.dll, to work it need to replace the old or english dlls.
      There are no changes to the game in 2.2 that will need new languages, except if you mean the cow, or another newer scenario object.

  • AlexSander

    Oi Pessoal! Acabei de Finalizar a tradução do FE para o português!
    Vcs podem baixa-la em um desses dois links abaixo:ção%20Completa%20do%20Age%20of%20empires%20II%20Original%20%2B%20Todas%20as%20Expansões.rar
    Para baixar apenas a tradução.ção.rar
    Para baixar o instalador do jogo + a tradução

    Divirtam se e bom game!!!!!