Current version: 2.2

Available through the Launcher

Make sure to download the latest installer for the 1000 pop limit!

Changelog for 2.2:

  • 60 FPS in Single Player (AoC has 20 FPS)
  • Maximum Age option
  • Huns get stone walls back
  • Hunting dogs removed
  • Slinger reduced attack vs siege (bug)
  • Restore Elite Plumed Archer range
  • Indians Villager bonus: 5% 10% 15% 20% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Eagle Warrior upgrade cost reduced to 300 food, 200 gold
  • Inca buildings cost -15% stone
  • Obsidian Arrows and Inquisition fixed
  • Different graphics for Eagle Scout/Warrior/Elite
  • New graphics for Magyar Huszar
  • Cows!
  • Loads of AI fixes
  • Various bugfixes

Changelog for 2.1:

  • Villagers not listed in the tech tree
  • Bombard towers crossed out in the tech tree until they’re researched
  • Crashing problems in certain circumstances
  • Boyars (non elite) should have -1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant archers -1 pierce armor
  • Boyars upgrade cost not mentioned in tech tree
  • Version number properly shown in the lobby

Changelog for 2.0:

Changelog at, report new bugs here.

  • Sultans makes villagers +110% faster instead of +10%
  • A few Win 7/8 issues and the inability to play on “lol-installations”
  • Double hunting dogs for Mongols (2nd one is a nerf for the first tech and slows your villagers down again)
  • Inca voices either too loud or inaudible.
  • “Turn Statistics off” is shown instead of the upgrade costs for Genoese xbow and Ele archer
  • AI bugs and superfluous chatting from certain AIs
  • Palisade gate in tech tree
  • Stable is still shown in Inca tech tree, Stone wall in Hunnic tech tree.
  • Faster startup times due to automatic portforwarding
  • Volume issues (volume will be linked to system volume again, only affects Win XP and earlier)
  • Go-to TC not focussing on the TC on “hill start maps” (Hill Fort, Acropolis, Golden Pit)
  • Indian move/attack voices mixed up
  • Tlatoani doesn’t work
  • Japanese bombard towers can fire 3 bullets
  • Rain unit can be attacked by villagers
  • Halbs +2 damage vs Cavalry (was mistakenly changed)
  • Conquistadors affected by Turkish team bonus
  • Treb LOS bug
  • Boyars make no sound when dying
  • Some teambonuses cut off on tech tree on 800*600 resolution
  • Elite Magyar Huszar tech not in the trigger list
  • Yasama does not affect towers that have been built before keep/guard tower is being researched and the upgrade is done before the tower is up
  • Viking team bonus not edited in the tech tree (15% cheaper docks instead of 25%)
  • Elite Throwing axeman cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Elite Kamayuk upgrade cost incorrectly displayed in the tech tree
  • Mesoamerican gates have flying flags
  • Gillnets +15% in the tech tree, but +25% in the data.
  • Gates are not affected by Inca bonus (-20% stone)
  • Indian trade workshop should look middle eastern, not far eastern
  • Orthodoxy doesn’t apply to Monks with Relics
  • Aztec +15% military training speed bonus doesn’t apply to trebuchets.
  • Turkish tec Bombard Tower costs 400w. It should be 200w according to civ bonus(50% off)
  • Italian Gillnets costs 50f 50w. It should be 75f 100w according to civ bonus(dock tec 50% off)
  • Palisade gates not affected by Mayan teambonus

Random Maps:

  • Black Forest: Old map returning
  • Highland: sometimes has no shallows
  • Regicide mode doesn’t work on Golden Pit, Hideout, Hill Fort and Steppe


Balance issues will be looked into after thorough discussion & testing, things that are under heavy consideration:
(Elite) Unit means the change applies to both the base and the elite unit.

  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -1 attack
  • (Elite) Magyar Huszars -2 bonus attack vs Siege
  • (Elite) Kamayuks -0.05 speed (slightly slower than most UU, slightly faster than champs)
  • Elephant Archers -50 HP
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +1 pierce armor
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers +0.1 speed
  • (Elite) Elephant Archers -2 bonus attack vs buildings
  • Elite Plumed Archers -1 range (like other UU archers)
  • Indians Villager bonus: 10% 15% 20% 25% (from Dark to Imp)
  • Indians receive Faith
  • Indians receive Heated Shot
  • Indians lose Treadmill Crane
  • Indians Fishermen bonus reduced to +15% and +15 carry capacity (from 25% / +25)
  • Indians team bonus changed (+5 attack vs. buildings instead of +1 armor)
  • Slavs lose Bracer
  • Slavs receive Plate Mail Armor
  • Slavs receive Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Yasama extra arrows -1
  • Berserkergang cost 850 food, 400 gold (from 500 food, 850 gold)
  • Ironclad -1 extra armor

Will be adjusted:

  • Incas receive banking
  • Elite Boyars 14 base attack instead of 16 (it was meant & tested like this)


  • Real world maps added as templates for scenario designers
  • 1000 pop optional

265 thoughts on “Patches

  1. I also hate that a normal match with the AI lasts no longer than 1 hour… It would be nice if someone will make a tutorial of “how to increase the cost” oe “how to increase the HP of buildings”.. Anyone? :D And is there any way to make random maps REALLY HUGE??? Like 5X the size of standard huge maps? That would be awsome :X:X:X:X

    • Most of my games (including AI’s) last longer than an hour, try teamgames if you didn’t already.

      The biggest possible maps you can create (255×255 tiles) are “Giant” water-maps (and “fortress”).
      Giant land-maps (non “fortress”) are “only” 240×240 tiles big.
      You can go to the map editor, create a giant watermap template and edit it to be a landmap too though.
      At the moment it’s not easily possible for the devs to create the possibility of creating maps bigger than 255×255.

  2. I, almost every time, play 4v4 matches. The AI is very smart and the winning team is obviously after 40 min of playing.. Nearly same thing for 3v3 2v2 1v1 matches. Don’t u know where to edit files so i can have more HP for my walls and castle?

  3. “Indians Villager bonus: 5% 10% 15% 20% (from Dark to Imp)” this change is not reflected in the tech tree.

    Please make sure that changes in tech tree are reflected in the tech tree diagram.

    This will help us a lot.

    Thank you.

  4. First of all Indians should get Mandirs as their Monastery.

    And Now Cows!

    For Indians Cows are sacred. We don’t kill cows, Cows for food => worst idea.

    Even Indian non-Hindus dont kill cows and buffaloes (for their Hindu brothers => mutual understanding => unity in diversity)

    I most of the time play as an Indian, It is impossible for me to kill a cow.

    Please ask the historian.

    May I suggest Indian keep their cows and store them in Mandirs to get a tickle of gold. Cows were used as symbol of prosperity since olden times

    Please do some thing about this butchery.

    In 1957 there was a revolt in India against Britishers, the historian may know about it.

    We call cows “Go-Mata” which means mother cow.

    Please do some thing about it. :( I am very upset.

    I will have to leave aofe if nothing is done about it. (I have been here form almost the start, I love you guys for doing such a great work, please do not make me do so)

      • Its just in scenarios,not in singleplayer or multiplayer where we play normally.
        Also understand that they aren’t real cows in the first place,just pieces of graphic representing them.I am an animal lover,but in the game,I have to kill wolves.This does not mean I would want to kill one in real life.
        Just take it as a feature you’ll never use and don’t leave.

        • Got it.

          But it is possible to make games where cows can be killed by Indian civilization, I oppose that too. Its wrong, In AOE 3 => Indians would gather cows not kill them, I wish some thing of that sort could be done with AOE2 (ie AOFE).

          • no you don’t get it. your not killing your reincarnated grandmother or your friend, your killing a pixilation, a fake cow. its not real. you don’t have to worry about it, your not killing someone your killing nothing. as a matter of fact, you kill nothing when you kill a cow in the game, because it never had life to begin with it never existed. you should be able to sleep well at night knowing you didn’t kill a REAL cow when your vill hacked the cow and gathered food from it. and if you stop playing aoe the makers of aoe wont care you only one consumer lost not a big deal to them. they still have thousands of other consumers who will still buy the game like me.

    • well… they cant change the game because of your beliefs. I respect them and understand them but I thought the cows were a nice touch. I like them in there. Plus u only use them in scenarios its not like they are in every game. i wish you could use them in a game along with the camels that would be cool.

  5. There’s a bug.
    When I play multiplayer game 2 humans vs 5 computers. With location “nomad”
    At the beginning, the game shows message:
    xxx the horde artificial intelligence script 3.1
    then xxx(computer ai name) will never build town center any more.

    This bug appears after updating to 2.2..

    Thank you.

  6. Any chance in the next patch you could put in some better/tougher campaigns. Like the “Attila the Hun” campaign, from AoC, was good, the Alaric ones were ok but, weren’t that hard or exciting to me. I like a challenge. Some of them were like the “William Wallace Learning Campaign”. Like the “Fredrick Barbarossa” campaign was good so maybe one of somebody famous like Charlemagne or Tamerlane, a whole series not just one, I hope its not to much to ask for, you guys are already doing a great job.

  7. is there a way to install the patch(es) to get to the latest version (2.2) without having to use the Launcher? I have AoEFE installed in a VM using the manual installation method (as per the recommendation in the FAQ) since the launcher fails with a complaint about the video card drivers.

    The game runs great, but I don’t seem to be able to upgrade to 2.2.

  8. Hi, I’m very happy with this expansion, appreciate your job a lot guys.

    But I have a couple of questions (I have Steam version of AoE HD+ The forgotten):

    - In the “patch” tab in this web, I see that the pop cap is 1000, but when I select the population I can only choose 500 pop. max.

    -I can’t see the “custom” AIs; I just see “Computer” there, but no options to change the AI.

    -I can’t also change the colored numbers of each computer player to make free for all (currently this is impossible, because the “dash” team option is somehow bugged and the AI computers group together instead of fighting).

    Please, someone enlighten me a bit.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • The pop limit for HD and AoF is 500, due to lag reasons, the mod version has the 1000 limit only atm.

      The custom ais are only in the mod version, there will be an update with most of the fixes from the UP’s ais to the computer ai in AoF, but it’s still in the works.

      No idea about the third question.

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