Forgotten Empires & Age of Empires II HD?

Hey all!

We’ve been waiting a long time on posting an official statement regarding Forgotten Empires & Age of Empires II HD. But here it is. We’re getting our daily dose of mails, and these are some of the most returning questions:

Is Forgotten Empires compatible with AoE2HD?

No, it isn’t. AoFE only runs on your original copy of AoE2 + the Conquerors.

Will Forgotten Empires be ported to AoE2HD?

We would love to! However, there are a few things to consider: AoE2HD is still in development, at the time of writing, patch 2.1 for AoE2HD has been released and they’re already working on 2.2. Of course you can only mod a finished game, otherwise you’ll run into trouble soon ๐Ÿ˜› Other than that, it will just take a lot of time: quite a few changes came with AoE2HD. All for the better of course, but modding wise, there’s a lot of new challenges. 32-bit terrains and SLP-specific palettes come to mind (all for better graphical goodness!)

So yes, we’re looking into things, but it will take some time. But we all have a bit of patience on a 14 year old game I guess? ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s your opinion on AoE2HD?

Itโ€™s the best thing that happened to AoE2 since itโ€™s release. Official support is what was lacking in the community for ages. And Iโ€™m sure they will resolve any issues that will come up with the game in the near future. AoE2 is a game with a huge legacy, I doubt they ever want to let go of that again.

  • kingempirer

    why didn’t anyone add any new campaigns :( ???????????!!!!!!!!!!
    And when will patch 2.2 be released

  • kayuz

    really poor game, AOE Forgotten EMpires IS WAY BETTER and it’s free!!! :)

    • Promiskuitiv

      Well AoE HD doesn’t use the userpatch which fixes so many bugs. It’s really a shame.
      Also the new AoE HD farms look ugly. ._.

  • MadneSs

    no new campaigns in 2.2 patch? annoyed

  • Ageopolis

    Please give us free HD. X( D:

  • absolutezero3424

    Now that FE and AoE HD are joining forces, so to speak, it would be great to add the only piece that AoE has been truly lacking: a night mode. Or night worked into the game somehow. For example, if a few seconds = 1 year in AoE time, maybe there could be 50-100 years of darkness (just to illustrate the concept).

  • PenaPP
    • Apokalypsys

      Yes, and in the future I would love to see African kingdoms. Berbers, Moors, Tribal Africans… so much potential to put into the game.